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  by doepack
Despite the fact that it's out of date, RTAMS breaks down station usage by those that walked, drove alone, carpooled, etc. But of those that drove alone, it doesn't tell you the origins of those drivers; i.e., where are the cars coming from? I'm curious as to what other possible reasons there could be that makes people drive what amounts to at least an extra 30 min. a day in traffic to a station further away than one in their immediate community? Then again, maybe I'm reading too much into it. Aurora and Naperville simply has more parking, and much better service, which is all that matters, I guess...

Also, to illustrate just how out of date RTAMS is, the weekly ridership on the Burlington in 2002 was listed at approx. 52,000 passengers. As of last year, that figure has now topped 60,000...

  by MetraBNSF
On the topic of BNSF's 11-car trainsets, I have noticed this week that two of the three sets have been using M's for power vs. the MP36's. Some of the M's I've seen include 189, 192, 197 (this unit has spent quite a bit of time double headed), 198, 201, 205, and 213. The only MP36's I've seen in service this week are 401 and 403.