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  by PRRGuy
Has anyone gotten to see the new CSS&SB book by morning sun? Mine is on order, should be here in a couple days.

  by CSS&SB702
I've had the book for several weeks now. Absolutely fantastic! If you're a fan of the CSS&SB, this book is a must have. It's also Vol 1. Vol 2 due out later will cover mainly the 50's only, Vol 1 covers several decades.

  by PRRGuy
Great news! Now, I really can't wait to get my copy.

  by PRRGuy
Speak of the Devil.. I got my copy yesterday and took it to work. All the guys liked it and a couple want to get copies to add to their collections.
A+ book, can't wait for Volume 2.

  by MetraRy
wierd i never heard of these books. I ll have to check them out. do they focus on the passenger, frieght, or both operations? On a related note, has any checked out those two new cab ride videos about the south shore?
i am mostlikely going to snatch those up once funds allow

  by espeefoamer
I loved this book :-D ! I can hardly wait for volume 2 to come out.

  by PRRGuy
I also loved it. Hopefully, volume 2 will be just as nice.

  by dinwitty
altho this is a South Shore forum, there will be a new book out soon on the North Shore Freight.

I'll have to locate this here book..... :wink:

  by MikeF
I got a copy of the Morning Sun book for my birthday, so now I'll add to the general gushing about it. Great pictures, good printing and fairly accurate. I'll look forward to the next volume.

  by Metra 47 607
I also love the book it has many great pictures in it and I cant wait to see volume 2

  by railohio
Volume 1 is great. Sure wish there was a little more coverage of the modern era given that the second book is all the older stuff, but I can't complain too loudly. Definately looking forward to the second volume.

  by Metra 47 607
Lets hope they will cover the modern era in volume 3 if they make one

  by dinwitty
I saw the book at a hobby shop...50 bucks...hardback, kinda thin...

didnt buy.

is there a softback version?

  by MikeF
I don't think Morning Sun releases their books in softcover editions.