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  by marquisofmississauga
Those who travel on VIA and/or follow the news relating to passenger trains will already know this. But for the benefit of those who may have missed it, VIA is abolishing red-cap positions at the only two stations that still have them: Toronto and Montreal. More stations in Ontario are becoming unstaffed.

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In VIA's "spin" it is made to sound like the station staff only sell tickets. It is conveniently forgotten that they provide assistance to passengers with special needs, and arrange taxis and buses when serious problems occur. Head office usually arranges buses when there is a cancellation, but I have known local ticket agents to make the arrangements when a train is late and connections may be missed down the line. There is a posting on VIA's Facebook site from a passenger who could not negotiate the many stairs at Aldershot when the elevator broke down. The VIA employee arranged a taxi to take her to Brantford. Good luck to her after the end of October when there will be no staff there. Maybe a phone call will get help, if you can get through. (In Winnipeg last year I made 15 phone calls to VIA over a six-hour period trying to find out if the Canadian was on time and never could reach a human, so I went to the station hoping it was on time and found out #2 was four hours late.)

Quebec is also facing station cuts. An article in LeSoleil says there will be only four full-service stations: Montreal, Quebec, Dorval and Sainte Foy. There will be agents at five of the Gaspe line stations. I'm not sure why these five are not considered to be "full-service stations." There will be two self-service stations with automated ticket issuing: Drummondville and St. Lambert. Other stations will have no ticketing and some will no longer be opened by VIA at train time unless someone local wishes to arrange for that. So trains will stop but the station buildings will be closed.
  by gaspeamtrak
Right spend that $billion dollars and then do this? How about all those stations they have rebuilt and new ones and there will be nobody there to sell tickets or help you?
Keep it up and nobody will want to travel on VIA! :(
Those idiots in Montreal who run VIA don't have a clue! :(
Enough said before this gets deleted! :(