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  by NeoArashi
I've taken the Montreal-Senneterre train many times during my life, especially between Shawinigan and Weymont/Sanmaur, and that, during the Winter as well. However, while I've taken the train from Chambord to Montreal in 2013, it was in summer.

Due to that discount thing going on right now, I decided to make a trip to Jonquiere... for the sake of taking the train (no, really, I literally have no plans for Jonquiere, as I'm not even going to stay there 24 hours). But it is the first time I take the Montreal-Jonquiere in Winter (Barring the Montreal-Hervey section) Is the view nice? (When I took it last time, I slept for most of the Chambord-Hervey segment, lol) Where should I look foward to see?