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  by shadyjay
Metro North was featured in a segment of The Weather Channel's Road Crew. The host, Jeff Malcarz, interviewed Dan Brucker, MNR spokesperson, about how weather effects the railroad. They even gave a tour of the new M-7s and explained how they were designed to be more weather resistant.

The most interesting aspect though about this, was that during the interview which was filmed in the GCT concourse, that the train gates behind have their doors shut. I wasn't aware that there were even doors or "gates" still at the entrances to the tracks. It was obviously filmed during daylight, or open hours since there were people walking by. Just found it odd that the track doors were shut.

Oh yeah, and seeing MNR on the Weather Channel, that was odd as well.


  by mntktagnt
Years ago, they actually used to close the gates exactly one minute after the train was scheduled to depart (the true rr timetable departure time)!

  by checkthedoorlight
I often see the gates/doors to the platforms closed, particularly during the middle of the day when only about half of the tracks are in use. It can be really annoying when I'm running to a train that was reassigned to track 28 and the gates to tracks 23-30 are all closed except for one.
Different parts of the terminal can be closed off to the public with these gates and during major crowd events, i.e. New Years Eve they can keep the terminal sectionalized according to line.

I am sure during the warmer months, it helps with the atmosphere of the concourse.