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  by 9C1LT1
Hi Everyone,

While at the Harmon Open house I saw a sad site... The Duke (2017) was sitting there missing the passenger side number board and horns. I guess it is the end of the road for 2017? Now to the best of my knowlege MN only has 2 FL9's alive, 2008 and NYC Lightning Stripe 2012. Anyone know what happened to The Duke?


  by Otto Vondrak
Since when was 2017 known as The Duke?

Don't you count the NH-painted FL9's as active?


  by DutchRailnut
2017 and 2005 were retired 3 years ago but held as emergency spares. 2005 is in new haven.

  by 9C1LT1
Hi Everyone,

2017 says "Duke" right under the Cab Window. I can't post the photo because I don't have a website that will give the photo a link... I have many photos of 2017 and 2012 on the Wassaic Shuttle from April 4, 2002. I was counting the MN owned FL-9's, I didn't include the CDOT owned engines. :wink:


  by Otto Vondrak
CDOT equipment and MN equipment are pooled- CDOT engines end up on New York lines and MN engines end up in Connecticut service... it don't make a diff. Besides, MN maintains them all, not CDOT.

I did not realize that 2017 had been named "The Duke!" Does anyone know the origin of this? Sounds like an engine with a history!

By the way, I saw Ed Whitney at the open house... you know, the guy double-ended crane MNCW 001 (now at Danbury) was named after? He came to check up on his boys from the NWP Wreck Crew... (no not really, but I did see a lot of people going up to greet him wherever he went)


  by DutchRailnut
3 FL-9's were named the 2005 was the Muccioli, 2017 was the Duke.
and 2013 was the R.J. Kirner. with the 2013 retired the name R.C. Kirner is now on P32acdm 213.
  by metroduff
Is it named after the current CMO?

  by Otto Vondrak
That's cool. Someday I want to have an SPV named after me (because there are days I wake up and I feel "seldom powered" too).


  by DutchRailnut
No its not named for current CMO, but for A Trainmaster/roadforeman on New Haven line who kept the fleet going for years at Pelham.
his Nick name was "The Duke" he has since retired and passed on.
  by Noel Weaver
I remember "The Duke" very well. He hired out on the New Haven as a
fireman right behind me but he had a railroad background some years
before that.
He actually worked on steam locomotives on the Central Vermont for a
number of years before hiring on the New Haven.
Very interesting person to know. He was always ready to help someone
who wanted to learn something.
He was at Woodlawn for the PM rush for many, many years starting in the
Penn Central era and continuing right through to Metro-North.
Unless every single pantograph was completely destroyed, it was very
rare that he could not get a problem train of M-2's going in the event of a
changeover or other problem.
Sat and talked with him a couple of times after my return to Conrail and
around the time of his retirement, could have "switched them out for many
I actually rode the cab of a C.V. steam locomotive that he was the fireman
on way back in 1956 or early 1957.
Instead of working with a radar gun, he worked with a tool box.
Noel Weaver
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  by DutchRailnut
Yup and that toolbox was heavy ;-) His bag of tricks did get just about 99% of the trains going. He was a legend on both MNCR and Amtrak, as his daily commute carried him beyond New Haven and many of shoreline fixes. Don't tell me Noel that you and Jack Swanberg were staling railroaders together. He came up with a picture of John in his Marine work gear on that steamer in Vermont after John was releseased from Service in Korea I believe.


  by Noel Weaver
I would be willing to bet that "The Duke" during his career at Woodlawn
probably performed surgery on every single M-2 on the roster at one time
or another.
I was always glad when he was deadheading with me to or from Woodlawn. I had the 7:0something to New Haven regular for quite a
while and it was a usual move to pick him up at Woodlawn. He would run
the train if I wanted a break. If I had a problem with a particular car, I
would give him the car number and the nature of the problem and he
would get in touch with the right people.
I saw him bail a lot of people out of problems.
"Jaap", nobody except my sister was with me when I got the C.V. ride from Brattleboro to East Northfield on the 451. She drove down to East
Northfield to pick me up and we spent the rest of the day skiing. I was
dressed up in my ski clothes too. She was not too happy at the loss of
most of the morning at Hogback but I bought her lift ticket and that calmed her down.
What days, skiing in the daytime and steam engines at night.
Noel Weaver

  by Clean Cab
A slight correction!! FL-9 #2017 "The Duke" was named for Bill Duke who is now the CMO of MNRR. Other FL-9s were named for Bob Anderson, Dick Kirner, and Carmine Mattioli.

I knew and worked with the late, great John Lodyko and he always insisted that the 2017 was NOT named for him.

  by DutchRailnut
The Duke was named for Bill Duke's father.
and no not Carmine Matioli but Mussioli.