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  by Kurt
I recently saw M1 8033 mated to 8106 at Grand central. I know that the cars are semi-permanent, but can be separated. I was wondering how long these units have been together, and where are the other cars from the original pairings. Also are there any other mismatches out there?
  by Noel Weaver
Back in my Metro-North days in the mid 1980's, there were several cases
where there had been accident damage to a single car and this was
responsible for a good car and a damaged car so eventually, two good
cars turned up and one was an "A" and one a "B" car so they were able
to match them up for a good pair. It also happened with the M-2"s but I
don't recall it happening as often. The M-3's were still too new at that
Noel Weaver
  by N340SG

Too bad no one in the LIRR forum asks a question like that. We have several M-1 mismatched pairs (I have the numbers), and no M-3 mismatches.

One of the coolest things I saw, though, was an "A" car being converted to "B" car when I was an apprentice passing through Morris Park. Obviously, the LIRR had too many orphaned "A" cars at the time. I wish I had paid more attention and got car numbers. The crew that did jobs like this was comprised of people with some degree of seniority, so they were called "The Geritol Gang".


  by 7 Train
On a related note, the M-3 cars in the "Long Island Massacre" were renumbered, though.
  by N340SG
Correct. 9891 and 9892 became 9945 and 9946.

770 ordered M-1s numbered 9001 - 9770
174 ordered M-3s numbered 9771 - 9944