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A general discussion about shortlines, industrials, and military railroads

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  by Nukengineer
Badger Ordanance is in the process of being torn down. Very little exists compared to only a few years ago. There is still some active trackage. WSOR goes through the plant to access one customer (grain silo I think) just south of the plant 2 or 3 times a year due to the bridge being 'gone' on the Wisconsin River at Sauk City. I'm not sure if the Mid Contenent Muesum has the engine or not. If they do, its currently non-operational due to the massive flooding there last summer. They've had to cancel all operations through the winter while they repair everything.
  by RailVet
Did you actually mean Pedricktown instead of Pedrickson, NJ?
  by TB Diamond

Actually, my typo. The book, World War II Sites in the United States by Richard E. Osborne gives it as Pedrickton and I typed it as Pedrickson. My bad. The author's bad, too as it is indeed Pedricktown.
  by RailVet
I located a Geological Survey map from 1950 that shows the Carteret depot, by then identified as "US Military Reservation Raritan Arsenal" - presumably by then it had become a subordinate site of Raritan Arsenal's main site. There is a small yard adjacent and parallel to the New Jersey Turnpike and five tracks branching off in a westerly direction. Looking at Google Earth, the site of the old yard now has a building sitting on top of it and the five tracks branching off are now under buildings and parking lots.
  by CJPat
Yes, another forum member had first found the site based on the 1950 Geological Survey map and coupled that by using the HistoricAerials.com web site to view the actual property between 1946 to today. You could tell the years that the military controlled the site because the vehicles were uniform in color and positioned in clean straight lines (vs later when commercial vehicles wee stored there - multicolor, hodge podge storage.

It is my speculation, due to its position related to Port Elizabeth, Port Newark, Port of NY, & MOTBY/Caven Point that the facility was vehicle staging for sea transport back & forth from Europe.