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  by bri19sp
Hi, I would like some advise from South Shore Line commuters.

My familiy will be vacationing in SW Michigan for a week and we would like to spend a day in Chicago for some sightseeing. Would it be better to park our car in Michigan City and take the train into chicao or would it be better just to drive.

It appears to take around 1:40 to take the train and probably would take 1:15 to drive from that point. Is the south shore line route particularly interesting and what is the parking situation and safety in Michigan city.

Any help in this situations would be appreciative.

  by Irish Chieftain
Is the south shore line route particularly interesting
If you're leaving from Michigan City IN, it certainly will be, because that's where the street-running is. Parking is better at the Carrol Avenue station versus the 11th Street stop.

  by MikeF
I would recommend the South Shore. The ride is interesting -- street running in Michigan City, high-speed stretches through the scenic Indiana Dunes, the gritty industrial areas of Gary and Hammond, and the almost rapid-transit style railroading of the former IC Suburban line between Kensington and Randolph Street. Randolph Street station in downtown Chicago is within walking distance of many popular sightseeing attractions.

As Irish Chieftan said, parking at Carroll Avenue (Shops) is much more ample than at 11th & Franklin. Although Carroll Avenue station is not in the best part of town, it is perfectly safe. Plus you get a nice view of the South Shore's nerve center, Michigan City Shops. If you happen to arrive a little early and would like to get a better view of the yard, continue north on Carroll Avenue across the tracks two blocks to Springland Avenue, go east four blocks to Roeske Avenue and turn south. The Roeske Avenue bridge goes over the middle of the Michigan City yard.

  by AmtrakFan
I would love to ride that line one of these days all the way to South Bend. That would be fun.

AmtrakFan :D

  by MikeF
Get out from behind the computer and do it! :wink:

  by Irish Chieftain
Yup, get out to Randolph Street Station in Chi-Town and do it. Don't freak when the train starts to run in the middle of the street though... :P

  by PRRGuy
Plus the train fare is still going to be less then what you'd find you'd pay for parking downtown somewhere!