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Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by gokeefe
Agreed on both counts. I think they are making a move and MCS is part of it.

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  by nomis
Ford unveils Michigan Central site plan for Corktown
https://www.detroitnews.com/story/busin ... 332106002/
Ford Motor Co. on Tuesday unveiled its site plan for Michigan Central, the project to transform the area around the historic former train depot in the city's Corktown neighborhood into a campus focused on the mobility and transportation methods that will define the future of the automotive industry.

"Our vision is really about creating the future, and creating a hub for global innovation that will be anchored by 2,500 Ford employees and 2,500 others," said Mary Culler, Ford's development director for the project and president of the Ford Fund. "We want this to be a place where we can build new ways for people to have access to mobility, to lead better lives, and of course we want it to be a great destination for the community."
  by Gilbert B Norman
Hardly without surprise; no plans whatever for any kind of rail use. It appears that the
former platform area is to become some kind of "mobility area" with plans for a self-driving corridor to Ann Arbor - presumably for electric vehicles.
  by Anthony
Actually, as part of the project, Ford said that they plan to keep a few of the tracks for potential Amtrak or commuter rail service to the station. Unless you've read that they've changed their mind about that, don't believe that the artist's renderings of the site will be 100% accurate. Keeping some of the tracks is critical if Amtrak is successful in extending one of the RT's of the Wolverine to Toronto, as the current station site is not best suited for such a service expansion.
  by gokeefe
That was my thought as well.

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  by Jeff Smith
https://jalopnik.com/ford-unveils-first ... zNFPs_hVZc
Ford Unveils First Rehabbed Building in Long-Derelict Detroit Train Station Complex

The Ford Motor Company is opening a newly rehabilitated building Tuesday as part of a larger project to bring life, and jobs, back to one of Detroit’s most recognizable landmarks.

Michigan Central Station opened in 1913 when Detroit was already established as the booming heart of the America auto industry. The gorgeous building, as well as several buildings surrounding the towering train station, were designed by American architect Albert Kahn who penned many of the art deco skyscrapers that still stand downtown to this day, as well as a few buildings in Henry Ford’s jungle city Fordlandia.

The building Ford will open to the public Tuesday is called the Book Depository building. Just across the street from Michigan Central Station and once known as the Roosevelt Warehouse, this Kahn building was famous for decades among urban explorers for the trees that grew out of piles of destroyed Detroit Public School textbooks.
  by Gilbert B Norman
While not meaning to upstage this Site's owner, the Detroit Free Press offers more details regarding the nature and scope of the opening:

Fair Use;
Newlab at Michigan Central is a building for startups who have a focus on working toward a future of mobility.

Newlab, in the rehabbed Book Depository building in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood, has more than 25 companies, Ford said Tuesday in a news release, and has goals to bring in other partners, such as people from the public sector, in academia and large companies.
While of course King Henry's latter day successors are to be commended for their efforts in restoring this hulk, there remains a long way to go until the Grand Hall is returned to its one time glory.
  by Jeff Smith
https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/ ... 662528007/
Date is set: Michigan Central to re-open in Corktown after 36 years

Detroit — The city’s historic train station is setting up for a grand re-opening and the date is set.

After sunset Monday, "06.06.24" could be seen from Michigan Avenue on the facade of the station that first opened its doors over a century ago. The historic depot was shuttered 1988 — only visited by film crews like the "Transformers," building owners that replaced windows and urban explorers who ignored the no trespassing signs.
A future train stop might operate near the Innovation Center or somewhere in or near the 30 acres of Corktown that Ford calls its campus, according to a proposed vision document by Amtrak obtained by The Detroit News and confirmed by VIA Rail Canada, Michigan Department of Transportation and Mayor Mike Duggan's office.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Yesterday, I did a "park and shoot" of Michigan Central (or whatever it's actually named)

But be that as it may all I can think is that King Henry's Subjects are doing the "comeback city" proud.

Saturday evening, I walked along Woodward Ave the 1.8 mi from Renaissance Center to Orchestra Hall without any personal safety concerns.

Finally, driving about Sunday AM, I'm amazed at the number of small dwellings that are being rebuilt.

I wish Detroit well, as it sure looks like it will be a "comeback.kid".
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  by Gilbert B Norman
Well now that it appears I can upload photos to the site, here's looking from Windsor.
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  by Gilbert B Norman
It appears that this is the topic is where we are addressing the Quicken Loan, or Q-Line.

On my trip to Detroit last weekend, I rode the Q-Line from Orchestra Hall (3700 block Woodward) to Congress Street. To get there, I walked it from Marriott at GM Renaissance Center (no; I never saw Mary Barra). I never once was concerned about my personal safety.

"It did the job" and the price was right - free.
  by ExCon90
Excellent shots; thanks for posting. Was there much fuss and bother crossing the frontier?
  by Gilbert B Norman
Mr. ExCon, a sadistic power hungry "Iceman" at the Detroit River Tunnel, "So you drove from Chicago just to go to Canada for Dinner?" (Thu was Indpls, Friday Cleveland, at least he didn't say "where did you drop the stash?"). "Where are you staying tonight? "Up there (me pointing to the Renaissance Center)".

After that, I guess he had his fun; "have a good evening" as he handed me my Passport.

Funny how in all my overseas travels, I've never been given "the third degree" like that.
  by R Paul Carey
Gil, thanks for your generally upbeat assessment of the present-day Motor City!

I think, with your wide travels, it was "in the cards" that you would eventually encounter an overly officious "ICEman" somewhere.

With best wishes, Paul.
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