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  by Kurt-Trirail
Try to keep this thread pertinent to the subject, fellows - we're running off topic (shouldn't even be in the TRCX forum either, though there isn't any other place for it).

Any further speculations/debates will render the thread locked.

  by JasW
Kurt-Trirail wrote:P.S.: What idiot came up with the extension that yielded the Palmetto station? A couple million poured into an extension that goes farther then nowhere. Go figure. I don't see myself using Metrorail to get to U-Pick Auto Parts.
Actually (and at the risk of getting this thread locked -- sorry!), I could not disagree more. The Palmetto station was and is a godsend to those of us in NW Miami-Dade and even SW Broward. It allows you to easily drive to the train station on the Palmetto Expwy. The surrounding area -- Medley -- may be the middle of nowhere, but the Palmetto itself, as a major north south limited access highway, certainly isn't.

The Palmetto station was the smartest thing done to Metrorail since it opened. Certainly much more than the Earlington Heights/MIC boondoggle.