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  by metraRI
To help me find information on what people think of MetxPix, I put a short 4-5 question survey pop-up that comes up when you visit the main page at www.metxpix.com.

*Pop-Up blockers may have to be disabled to view the survey.

  by MetraRy
the home page looks great. the only other sugestion i have is to compress the sides in so people with average monitars don't have to scrowl to the right. but other than that its looking good.
  by Amtrak31
Kyle, The July 3rd Railside looks real good! I also really like the home page.

  by MetraRy
ha, i was on the 519. never saw you on the platform at mokenna taking pics. btw, we were 10 mintues late because the conductor never announced that only certain doors open at 80th avenue, traping people on the train. We pulled out of 80th with half of that stations passengers still on the train. We got about a block before families start running threw the train saying they missed their stop. We then went back to drop them off. a lot of fun when i had to make the 6:05 HC at joliet! Your site is looking great however.

  by metraRI
Heh, another reason why RI's short platforms on track 2 need to be fixed. Hopefully with 80th Avenues new station next year, it will have long platforms on both tracks.

I was west of the station on the grass between the tracks and the parking lot...I usually don't like to go on the platform..people always seem to get in the way :wink: .

  by usa4624
I would like to see dates and photo locations on the photos.

  by metraRI
Dates and locoation of photos are happening as pages are updated. 8400, 8500, and various locomotive pages have them as of right now.

  by metraRI
MetxPix is getting a new look...ya, again. :wink: I just didn't like how the site was looking. The home page has been modified to fit the new theme. Hopefully this one is a keeper. Any suggestions of things to change are always welcomed.

  by MetraRy
i really like the new look! It gives it a professional look in my opinion. Just get my station pics up and it would be a great site. J/k take your time

  by metraRI
I know MetxPix.com has not made any decent progress in the past months. Today I uploaded the 1st beta page in the new format, if all goes well, more pics will be up in the near future. The 1st locomotive page is with F40 #119, which can be seen here.

All feedback will help make additional improvements.


  by doepack
Hi Kyle,

I'd like to point out a minor correction needed for your site. On the "rail lines" link at the homepage, you've listed South Chicago as an outlying yard for MED. Trains are not stored overnight there, rather, the equipment deadheads back downtown to Randolph St. after the shuttle service concludes during the wee hours of the morning. Also, do you plan to expand the site to include pictures from other routes? If so, I've got some shots of Metra UP-W trains that were taken last year, if you're interested...

BTW, nice shot of 119 at Tinley Park...

  by metraRI
Ah thanks for that...I have never been out there, so I had no idea. Yes I do have plans to move on to other lines, I just used what I had in my hands, which happens to be all of Southern lines. You can send any pics over to me at [email protected] and I'll try to get them up asap.

  by byte
Do you have any plans to include locomotive/car rosters and the like? There's no real Metra equivalent to something like chicago-l.org or nycsubway.org, but your pictures are great and you have a suitable domain name.

  by metraRI
After hours at the computer desk, MetxPix.com now has a photo gallery and database, changing how the site is run. Tho not completely finished, those wishing to take a sneak peek at the site can do so by going to MetxPix.com and clicking on the two pictures at the lower right hand corner. Most albums are empty at the moment, but there are some pictures of SWS under Rail Lines. Hopefully this ends the hours of work needed per picture before.

At this time I do not know how the contributor upload process will take place. Look for more on that in the coming days/weeks.

  by metraRI
Information is now available on MetxPix.com on how you can send your pictures to the database, visit the site and click under the contributing header.

As always, give me your opinion on the site or ways to make it better.