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  by AMTK84
Today while checking out the new Elburn yard (which is very Railfan-accessible), my father noticed that METX162 (which had been brought west by UPY1433 with 4 bilevels) now reads "Union Pacific West Line January 2006"; no "Village Of Villa Park" visible from what he said.

  by doepack
Saw that train pass through Wheaton this afternoon. The set is to be used (without the switcher of course) as a photo op at Monday's ceremony officially welcoming Metra service to Elburn. It's supposed to sit on the tracks for awhile wearing an "inagural run" banner, even though the actual first one will have taken place before dawn. Crossing my fingers for a bright, clear, photo-perfect day on Monday...

  by AMTK84
God I wish I could get out there...! Hope someone gets audio! Any idea when the engine itself will lead going somewhere?

  by AMTK84
162 ran number 57 (24) and took a dump immeediotly after number 64 (24) terminated in Chicago, hasn't run since.

  by doepack
FYI: 162 has indeed been renamed "Village of Elburn". Since this unit was formerly named for Villa Park, has this name been reassigned to another unit, or has it been dropped altogether?

  by MetraBNSF
189 is named "Village of Villa Park".

  by Metra416
Anyone get any pictures with the "inaugural run" banner on the opening day?

  by byte
Good thing it wasn't the 163 they renamed. Otherwise, thousands of HO-scale F40PHs would be rendered inaccurate...