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  by pparalikia
Hi, I was wondering if someone had or knew where I could find a list of Metrolink stations with their distances (i.e. mileposts) from the city center. Does anyone have any ideas?
  by ExCon90
If it's still available the California Railfan Timetable, published by Altamont Press up until a few years ago, has all those mileages, including at intermediate junctions. You have to add up the segments if you want total distance, but it's all in there; for distances from the city center start with LAUS to CP MISSION and add on from there.
  by electricron
I would like to add you will not find Metrolink mileposts out there in real life out on the rail corridors, because most of the rails Metrolink uses belongs to freight railroad companies that have their own mileposts, and who's mileposts don't start at zero from Union Station. So you will have to do a lot of math.

Amtrak Surfliner train schedules have station mileage along with times, but that's just two of the lines and only list stations they stop at. Likewise for the Southwest Chief and Sunset Limited. None of these use Union Station as the zero starting point.
  by ExCon90
I checked the timetable last night, and the actual title is California Region Timetable 20 of March 2009, which I believe was the last one issued. If you can find one, an example of what you can expect covers the Orange County line to Oceanside, compiled from 5 different pages, as follows:

LAUS MP 0.0 to CP MISSION MP 0.7, 0.7 miles; SCAX River Sub, Terminal Lead
CP MISSION MP 0.8 [sic] to CP SAN DIEGO JCT. MP 140.2, 0.2 miles; SCAX River Sub, SW Connecting Track
CP SAN DIEGO JCT. MP 140.2 to SOTO MP 144.4, 4.2 miles; SCAX River Sub, West Bank Line
SOTO MP 144.4 to FULLERTON JCT. MP 165.5, 21.1 miles; BNSF San Bernardino Sub
FULLERTON JCT. MP 165.4 [sic] to COUNTY LINE MP 207.4, 42.0 miles; SCAX Orange Sub
COUNTY LINE MP 207.4 to OCEANSIDE MP 226.4, 19.0 miles; SDNR San Diego Sub

SCAX = Metrolink, SDNR = San Diego Northern

A quirk here is that the mileage from San Diego Jct. to Oceanside is the former ATSF mileage from San Bernardino (0.0) via San Bernardino, Pomona, Pasadena, Los Angeles 1st St., Redondo Jct., and Fullerton to San Diego, a line now severed and used in part for the Gold Line. The 91 Corridor line of Metrolink (named for the freeway it parallels) diverges at Fullerton Jct. (MP 165.5 = 45.5), decreasing to 0.0 at San Bernardino via Corona.

If you manage to find the timetable and compile at station list with actual miles, please post it.
  by timz
AT&SF mileposts in the LA area were mostly from zero at Barstow-- so LA itself was 140-something. (Third District was zero at San Bernardino, tho.)
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  by ExCon90
I thought I proofread before posting, but I sure didn't that time--I meant to say Barstow; the mileposts for SAN DIEGO JCT., SOTO, and FULLERTON JCT., and the rest of the way to San Diego, are all from Barstow. (Measure twice, cut once?)