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  by erielackawanna
Went out for a bit Sunday and as I was heading down the San Bernardino Frwy saw the green signal for an eastbound. Quickly raced to the Margarita Footbridge to catch this Metrolink. The track is ex Pacific Electric. Before the bus lane was added, this was double track and there was a station in the background where the two tracks are on the curve. Last PE passenger train here was around 1950 (I think.)

http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.p ... 822&nseq=1

Thanks for looking... as always, corrections are welcome.

Charles Freericks
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  by San Diego Transit
Nice pic, thanks for sharing.

  by pennsy

That siding was added fairly recently and is used during rush hours as a passing track. As the west bound, for LA, approaches the east bound has a red light in that siding. After the west bound passes, the east bound continues on. A convenient run around track. In the Pomona area the old Pacific Electric tracks become double tracking. This continues on well into San Bernardino County and once again becomes single tracking in the Upland area. I have been told that eventually it will all be double tracking. The San Bernardino line is the busiest of all the Metrolink lines and has the greatest number of trains per day.