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  by DutchRailnut
MetroLink has advertisement for Locomotives for Sale.
SCRRA is soliciting offers for purchase of Four(4) SD60 locomotives on an" As and where is basis.

  by jogden
manly out of curiosity...how much?

  by DutchRailnut
soliciting offers

  by pennsy
Hi All,

Haven't heard about that one. Metrolink, Southern California, is 100 % EMD engines, either F-59 PH or PHI.

  by Jtgshu
This was part of their F40/SD60 swap, wasn't it, which they ended up not doing?

Weren't they were going to take the 710 and electrical equipment out of the SD60's and replace the prime mover and electronics of the F40, and put the '40's guts in the 60 shell, and vice versa??????? They would have a High HP passenger loco and basically an SD40-2 in an SD60 frame.....

Not a bad idea, I guess they decided against it?

  by erielackawanna
More than a year since you asked the question, I thought I'd answer. The plan was to take the 710s from the SD60s and put them in the F40PHs, essentially making Frakenstein F59s out of them. Problem was that once they bought the F40PH hulks and the SD60 donors, they discovered that the 710 power asembly wouldn't fit in the F40 cowl.

  by JCN
Not even with "customized cowl adjustment" - a.k.a. a couple of very large gentlemen with 20-pound sledges?

All joking aside, that is interesting - the LIRR and Metro-North had some rebuilt FL-9s ("Starships") with 12-cylinder 710s. I'm guessing length was the issue?

  by erielackawanna
You know... I don't know. I think cost may have been an issue too.

  by Jtgshu
Im guessing the problem was with height of the prime mover, maybe not allowing enough clearance between the exhaust manifold and the dynamic brake grid? I guess thats why EMD moved the dynamic brake equipment in the '60s to behind the cab???????

Because its not like it would be too wide - the SD60's have side walkways, and the F40's dont, they are the full cowl......

Its too bad it didn't work out, it would have been good to see the F40's get new life in them, along with an extra 800 HP!!!