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  by eolesen
Aside maybe from Beverly Hills, the notion of going to a city center for shopping ain't gonna happen in California.

And the people who can afford Beverly Hills won't be riding the subway. They've already got drivers or cars.
  by ExCon90
Also, the underground space is on Hill St. a half-block north of Pershing Square station on the Red and Purple lines (I haven't learned the new letter designations yet), with no possibility I can see for underground pedestrian access -- and still no possible destinations for routes from Subway Terminal.
  by pdtrains
Is there a point to all this?
Has anyone here been to LAUPT during rush hour? Its a busy place, like any big city active commute train terminal.

I was there in the 1980's, and the place was a morgue.. 8 departures a day. They even ripped out some of the platform tracks.

Today all the platform tracks are back in, and in use. Its great, and building of more light rail continues. IDK why anyone would be whining about the "Passenger density per route mile" is low. What do u want to do, reduce the route miles? Im happy theres an alternative to the awful freeways.....