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  by Lackawanna484
DutchRailnut wrote:Ms Halbfinger is on maternety leave acording the newspaper.
one of engineers mentioned was never contacted by Journal news or MNCR. and when he called Journal news was hung up on cause he wanted tro speak to someone in charge. Editor on vacation.
Second guy is on vacation and when he asked whom was in charge they hung up on him.
He should call the general counsel (paper's chief lawyer) next time. Or, better yet, his lawyer should call.

Henry Freeman is the operating head of the Journal News and head of the news department. Same number as before.

The General Counsel for Gannett (JN's parent) is

Thomas L. Chapple
Senior vice president, chief administrative officer & general counsel
(703) 854-6000

  by sullivan1985
UpperHarlemLine4ever wrote:This is the problem here. There is from the article the appearance of impropriety on the part of these hard working people. They worked the overtime and were paid accordingly. Sad part is they make less than their counterparts on the LIRR for the identical work. There was no need to give out the names of these people. You could have said simply that so and so many people were paid a certain amount of overtime. Do we know how much Caren Halbfinger makes? Can we find out? Not a chance in hell. These people should consult with attorneys as I do believe there is grounds for a lawsuit against the paper. Perhaps the reporter doesn't like the fact that the people are being paid for their down time. Too bad. Do we question how much airline pilots or flight attendants make? They must rake in a bundle. Oh I forgot, these people have college degrees so it's OK; there are a number of engineers and conductors who have college and post-graduate degrees in such areas as engineering and law but it's not a requirement of the job. The article smells of elitist snobbery.
What about "professional" sports players who are paid a few million a game to throw a ball around a field. Unlike them, these conductors are earning their money. I really hope these people don't get any heat from passengers who recognize their names.

  by weakcheeks
Published by The Journal News: August 24, 2005

Response to "Rail workers rake in OT"

MTA management deserves scrutiny

What she (Caren Halbfinger) should also cover is the way management has treated the shop craft workers who have not had a raise in three years, have been offered nothing for the first year and only 2 percent the next year. That is why they also grab overtime any time it is offered. Management has failed to bargain in good faith, knowing that the employees are hamstrung by the federal rules governing "collective" bargaining. The railroad has always been a two-tier company with the engineers and conductors holding sway over everyone else, and mangement plays on that inequity.

  by pnaw10
JoeG wrote:I know that if you work for NY State or NY City, your salary is considered public information. Anyone with the motivation can find out what any employee is paid.
I can also attest to that -- I went to a SUNY school, and right on the front counter of the library, was a big black binder. Inside: salaries for every single employee of the college, from the president, down through every professor and even the dormitory janitors. Anyone could walk up and look through it. Obviously it's not always that easy to get the same info from other state agencies, but the info IS available.

The FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) allows people to request copies of such documents. However, you may have to pay a reasonable fee for photocopying, printing, postage, etc.

But as others have said, I don't think it's right to publicize people's salaries in a light that makes them look "bad" just because they made so much money. Yeah, legally, a newspaper could publish every MN employee's pay if they wanted to, but out of common courtesy, if I were a conductor, I don't need my neighbors and total strangers knowing that I'm pulling down $XYZ thousand dollars a year. Unless there was fraud involved, where taxpayers were cheated, there's no need for that information to be prominently displayed -- at least not on a person-by-person basis. Aggregate totals would be a little more respectful.

  by Tadman
It's plain out sensationalist journalism by bozos with nothing to write about. These are the same people making big deals out of Gary Condit and Princess Diana's death. Nobody cares. A better article would have compared the average MNCR take home pay to the NY metro area average take home pay, rather than singling out some hard workers that earned their money.
How soon people forget! Prior to MNRR and all the federal regs. allowing only so much time on duty. RR workers went for days on , a 6 or 7 day work week was commen The people listed are from this era it is thier way of life. how dare they be critical to these hard working railroa :( ders !!