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  by railtrailbiker
In the aftermath of New York City's transit strike, Metro-North Railroad workers are starting to publicly voice their own frustration over their lack of a new contract.

For the third time this week, unionized employees gathered at the Croton-Harmon train station early yesterday — before their shifts began — to make commuters aware of their situation. Seventy percent of Metro-North's unionized employees have been working without a new contract for three years.

The workers said if an agreement isn't reached soon for the 13 unions whose contracts have expired, riders could pay the price through a job action, though they don't want that to happen.
http://www.thejournalnews.com/apps/pbcs ... 020/NEWS04

  by DutchRailnut
MNCR is offering a contract for 4 years retroactive that does not even cover inflation.
the offer is for 0-3-3-3 while cost of living for last two years is 9% to 11% depending were you live.
plus MTA wants givebacks from semi private pension fund(vanguard)
in return the workers can get a pension simular to Management with a 30 year/ 55 year for early retirement.
all new employees would (retroactive 4 years) have to pay 3% into health care.
and Martin Luther King day is a no no.

MTA calls that good faith bargaining ?????

Do understand that MTA got rid of cost of living increases years ago.

This contract would not be a raise it would be a drop in income.

  by Yanks Rule
I think the LIRR conductors got a pension like that in their last round of collective bargaining. The conductors affected were hired after 1988 if I'm correct.

  by Terminal Proceed
It is my opinion that collective bargaining issues should not be discussed here.

  by DutchRailnut
Well its all over newspapers so why put our head in the sand.
Read Journal news if you don't want to get it from Railroad net.

  by Otto Vondrak
I personally find the matter of contracts and collective bargaining BORING. I want the railroad workers to have fair pay and all that, but I'm a railfan. I don't really care about unions, labor relations, and contract negotiations. I only care what color the engines are painted and where the FL9's are.

tounge firmly planted in cheek,


  by harmon44
I find it interesting to hear the workers side. The newspapers are not fair to any of the working people and the company has its PR people at instant disposal. I may not want to comment or get into the arguement, but I find the workers' side to be informative. Thanks Dutch

  by ClearFromBerkToHill
You mean you [i]don't[/i] find the Journal News to be 100% fair and credible to all parties?

Oh no!

Which reminds me: why have a journalist whose reputation was completely tarnished for her "gravy train" story continue to cover MN-related stories?

  by DutchRailnut
My union(ACRE) did sign the contract 3 years ago, we took the 0 % for first year based on a looming deficit, only one week after the deal all bosses got a raise and a few days after that MTA started finding their cooked books. and now we have a greater than $1 billion surplus.
I don't think the coalition has to take this deal based on there is no longer a deficit.
  by Overtime
News 12 Westchester also had a crew at the Croton Station Tuesday morning, they did a few live reports during the morning hours