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  by DutchRailnut
keep an eye out on MTA site or on the boards.
the Open house is always in October, and yes anyone is invited.
most of time the date is not given till about 4 weeks before event.

  by M1 9147
Jaap, one question I have is if a ban goes into effect (which I doubt) if MN would continue to have Open Houses? Dumb ???? but I wanted a response.

  by NIMBYkiller
I went with a bunch of people from subtalk, and I tell ya, I had the time of my life. Though I did get screwed over by Adirondack Trailways on my way home, it was really a great day. The fall foliage train was also really great.
  by N340SG
Kudos to MNCR for hosting such open houses. On the LIRR, we can't even get permission to bring our families in to work to see what we do. (We did it anyway...shhhhhh.)
When HMC first opened, they did it once or twice, for employees' families only, IIRC.
I really think rail buffs would love a tour of HMC. I guess the LIRR is only worried about liability. :(

  by KFRG
Same here, especially for someone who has been trying the last 2 times but his alarm does not like to work.


  by Otto Vondrak
When is construction supposed to start on the "new" Croton shops? I think that would be the only thing that would postpone an Open House? They used to have open houses at Stamford and North White, but not since the 1980s... I guess that's when those facilities were newer?

Also, MN used to publish some AWESOME posters with technical info about the fleet. Who's got some of those? My friend is looking to fill in his collection.

  by thedarkliberator
We really had a hell of a time. As I was, and still am, very much a "newbie" when it comes to railroading, it is a great place to start out. You can easily observe the beauty of railroading on trips like these, and taking awestriking pictures, granted the train forsenic ban on public transit does not go into affect, are not a problem on that trip. You get your picutre taken inside of an FL-9 Cab free of to any non tax-paying or patron of Metro North