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  by railtrailbiker
A survey of rail commuters has found that Metro-North riders on the New Haven line are less satisfied with train service than last year.

New Haven line riders are also less satisfied with the service compared with their fellow commuters on the railroad's Hudson and Harlem lines.

Eighty-seven percent of New Haven line peak and off-peak riders said they were satisfied with overall train service, compared with 95 percent of customers on the Harlem line and 93 percent on the Hudson line, according to a customer satisfaction survey conducted in May.

Average customer satisfaction on all three lines combined, however, has dropped slightly from 93 percent to 91 percent, according to the survey. Satisfaction on the New Haven line is down three points from the October 2003 report.

The survey was based on customer feedback in seven categories, including boarding station, on-time performance, train schedules, train conditions, courtesy and responsiveness of employees, communication and Grand Central Terminal.

The declines in satisfaction were caused by the effects of the harsh winter that knocked out a significant portion of Metro-North's fleet and disrupted service, the report said.

Because of weather, many trains were late, canceled and overcrowded during that period.

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  by emfinite
If only the Long Island Railroad could turn out customer satisfaction numbers like that! I don't think I have rode an LIRR train in the past year without it being late. You guys that ride MN have it easy!
  by nh chris
As a daily MN NH line commuter, I agree with the survey results. Things are not getting better, despite the efforts of the shop workers to repair and refit the NH line M-series units. I think the crews do a good job, all things considered. A happy face goes a long way towards customer satisfaction.

NH Chris

  by JFB
Maybe it's because all the survey respondents are from Connecticut? I've dated two girls from there, and neither was ever satisfied.


  by Lackawanna484
I wonder if there's a significance that these surveys are taken in late summer?

By mid-February, with half of CDOT's cars out of service due to snow, the CT commuters will prob be even less happy...

  by DutchRailnut
New Haven line is short 15% of fleet on an 70 degeee and sunny day. If we even get snow flurries were dead in water.

  by Swedish Meatball
These surveys are absurd. The rebuild of the M-2's are not going to stop the hemorrhaging. They are lucky to get the numbers they have. The bathrooms stink, half the coaches have inadequate HVAC + constant car shortages. Connecticut has to bite the bullit and buy coaches now.

  by DutchRailnut
they bought coaches but now they need to buy engines :-)