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  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by Jimmyg2828
So I've done everything from the test, background check, interview then the MED/PAT for the inventory control clerk position. They already contacted my current employer. What now? It seems like every time I hear from them they have more for me to do. It's been over a year. Last I heard from them was two weeks ago. Can anyone fill me in on what this process has left? Thanks!
  by dunee88
there is a thread here with all the information known about getting hired with metro north. From what I've seen, the medical is the last step before getting a hire date. Take a look at the other thread, which has the same title. It can answer a lot of your questions.
  by csamperi
Hey Jimmy.I see your last post is over a year old,but how did you make out with getting hired? Did you get the job? How long did you have to wait after your last post? So i actually just went through the hiring process.I am applying for Tinsmith/Structures.I just finished everything a little over a month ago.I had to go in for an interview and because its a trade/skilled labor position i had to do a hands on test after the interview.About a week later i got a date for my physical & drug test.At the end of my appt the doctor i spoke with informed me everything looks good and i passed everything,but apparently they send out the drug test and it took a few days for one of their doctors to call me back.I was told i was good,but then out of nowhere they send me this and that to fill out and all of this other bullshit.If you havent noticed yet their entire employment process is completely ass backwards and ive actually applied around 40 times for different positions too.I just emailed my recruiter a few days ago to see what that status is and she said one of my forms is currently pending and its the CFR form about drug testing and have you ever failed or refused one ect. Which i never have so i should be good.She basically said it takes a while because everything has to go through a process but something tells me she is lying or not telling me the complete truth so who knows.Anyways good luck to ya and hopefully you eventually got the job!
  by DutchRailnut
just little advice, before you call people liars, these boards are being watched by railroad and comments like that could sink your chances of getting a job , just sayinn.