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  by fordhamroad
-For those modelling Metro North, can anyone suggest appropriate paints fo these colors:

- the silver/grey base color of cars and locomotives?

-the dark blue used for stripes, also MOW cars?

-the red used for stripes on MNCR locomotives?

-the red CDOT uses -- is this close to New Haven red/orange?

Any suggestions appreciated,


  by Dieter
As long as anyone's going to the trouble who knows paints -

And just what shade of the same colors do you recommend to use to replicate the color that the aforementioned colors FADE into?


  by Clean Cab
The red used on M2s, M4s and M6s is called "Tomato Red". It was actually not painted, but was a decal. All M2s that go through the CSR overhaul program have the red stripes painted by the North White Plains paint shop.

The reason you see some pink stripes is due to New Haven shop painting over the decal with red house paint which fades quite quickly.
  by fordhamroad
-too bad no one had the manufacturer's specs and paint numbers.

-purely eyeballing, for modelling I would try

-early Metro period, during Conrail appears to be platinum mist and a dark blue. Later a faintly metallic light grey, less shiny. I do not know if this is the color pictures, the paint fading, or a change in paint formula itself. Could still use help from someone in the paint shop.

-I would use for models
-a light grey, such as SP Lettering Grey (Floquil or equivalents)
-Conrail Blue (a lighter blue, if you want weathered finishes)
-Signal Red
-Southern Pacific Red-Orange
-for the stainless steel bodies, Platinum Mist for quick and easy. There are a few finishes for metallic paints used in the air and military hobbies which might be tried, but are a bit complicated. I have seen some good results.
-stuff listed on Long Island RR modelling sites may apply to Metro North as well.

Any suggestions very welcome. Thanks


  by DutchRailnut
My son who does custom painting uses:
Floquil platinum mist.
Poly S CSX blue
Poly S Caboose red
Poly S engine black
  by fordhamroad
Thanks for the advice. I think your son is probably right on the CSX blue rather than Conrail blue, a bit darker is closer.
What blue would he use on caboose and work equipment CSX?
What color for pasenger cars such as the ACMU or Phoebe Snows?



  by DutchRailnut
The Conrail Blue gives it the faded look, but if you were to model M3's you would use CSX blue.

  by starship
As my dad said, I'd use the conrail blue for the faded look as well as the Phoebe Snows. Also early MTA/Metro-North era standard coaches looked to be Conrail blue as well. Here's a few pictures of a few models I've done as an example of how the colors come together:


  by fordhamroad
-- beautiful work on those Metro North engines.


  by FL9AC
Thanks Roger :-) .