Discussion relating to the operations of MTA MetroNorth Railroad including west of Hudson operations and discussion of CtDOT sponsored rail operations such as Shore Line East and the Springfield to New Haven Hartford Line

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  by n2qmt
radioman2001 wrote:As posted at radio reference last week, MNRR is building out a wide area NXDN yard trunking system. A total of 36 new frequencies have been allocated for the following yards. GCT,Harmon,North White Plains,Brewster, and Stamford,New Haven Conn. At this time Harmon is the only one up.
Now if I could only talk to a train at SHELL without the District G hearing me...
  by Clean Cab
The nearby water really makes the radio signals travel, and it gets more so on a clear night.
  by elec tech
Great, now I can find out what the guys in Harmon are having for lunch.
  by MNCRR9000
With the new wide area trunking system in place have there been any changes to the following frequency list? I know that channels 1 through 3 probably haven't changed much.

Metro North Railroad Radio Channels (East of Hudson)
Channel 1 - 160.950 (AAR Channel 56)
Hudson Line CP 8 to CP 75, North White Plains Yard, Stamford Yard, New Haven Yard.

Channel 2 - 161.280 (AAR Channel 78)
Hudson Line GCT to CP 8, Harlem Line CP 106 to CP 82, Brewster Yard, GCT Yard, Stamford Yard (shop switching moves).

Channel 3 - 160.545 (AAR Channel 29)
New Haven Line CP 212 to CP 274, New Canaan Branch, Danbury Branch, Waterbury Branch, Harmon Yard, Highbridge Yard.

Channel 4 (A) – 160.410* (AAR Channel 20)
Harlem/Hudson MOW, 3rd Rail Dept, Structures Dept.

Channel 4 (B) - 161.070 (AAR Channel 64) Not being used anymore
CSX Road Channel 2 used on MN engines and MU’s as channel 4.

Channel 5 – 161.160* (AAR Channel 70)
New Haven Line MOW/ Power Dept, GCT Station Master’s Office, Signal Control Desk.

Channel 6 (A) – 160.770 (AAR Channel 44)
MN “talk-around” channel on portables and mobile radios, Harmon Shop.

Channel 6 (B) – 160.335 (AAR Channel 15)
GCT Tunnel Emergency Channel.
MTA PD Channel 1 (Disp) – 161.220* (AAR Channel 74)
MTA PD Channel 2 (Car/ Car) – 160.560* (AAR Channel 30)
(*) Transmits with CTCSS tone 123.0
  by Terminal Proceed
i have said it before and i will say it again. THE TRUNK SYSTEM IS NOT FOR RAIL OPS NOR POLICE OPS - IT IS FOR SUPPORT ONLY. Therefore, at this time there will be no frequency changes.
  by PTBarnum
Has something changed with the radios because channel 3 is very quiet in Bridgeport.
The only thing i hear is radio tests with head-end and the conductor.
No District F.
thank you
  by DutchRailnut
The 36 channels I believe are mostly for PTC, not road radio.
http://www.lohud.com/story/news/transit ... /90807744/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by truck6018
PTBarnum wrote:Has something changed with the radios because channel 3 is very quiet in Bridgeport.
The only thing i hear is radio tests with head-end and the conductor.
No District F.
thank you
Channel 3 no longer used in Bridgeport area.
  by DutchRailnut
Channel 1 (56-56) frequency 160.950 Hudson line CP8 (inclusive) to Division post Amtrak.

Channel 2 (78-78) frequency 161.280 Hudson line GCT - CP8 (exclusive) Harlem line and Beacon Line.

Channel 3 (29-29) frequency 160.545 New Haven line CP212 - CP235 (inclusive) and New Canaan Branch

Channel 4 (15-15) frequency 160.335 New Haven line CP235(exclusive) - Division post Amtrak, Danbury & Waterbury Branch.

Channel 5 (62-62) frequency 161.040 yards (high bridge, Harmon, North White Plains, Brewster, Stamford, east Bridgeport, New Haven )

Channel 6 (44-44) Local talk
  by PTBarnum
Thank you. I am back listening on 160.355.
And I was able to find the information you reference on Radio Reference.
Two questions then,
CP 212 is the first CP on the New Haven line leaving the Harlem line at MP 12.5 ?
And CP 235 is in Stamford at MP 34.5 near the New Canon line junction ?
I am looking at a 2015 track chart.

quoted text:
The following radio frequencies are in use for train operations:
Channel 1 (56/56) – Frequency 160.950
Hudson Line CP 8 (inclusive) – Division Post / Amtrak
Channel 2 (78/78) – Frequency 161.280
Hudson Line GCT – CP 8 (exclusive), Harlem Line and Beacon Line.
Channel 3 (29/29) – Frequency 160.545
New Haven Line CP 212 – CP 235 (inclusive) and New Canaan Branch.
Channel 4 (15/15) – Frequency 160.335
New Haven Line CP 235 (exclusive) – Division Post / Amtrak, Danbury Branch and
Waterbury Branch.
Channel 5 (62/62) – Frequency 161.040
High Bridge, Harmon, North White Plains, Brewster, Stamford, East Bridgeport and
New Haven Yards.
Channel 6 (44/44) – Frequency 160.770
Local channel
  by DutchRailnut
correct on the locations.