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  by NH2060
A total of 5 units will get commemorative liveries (per their Instagram post):


I think they could have done this one a little better by copying the exact pattern of the ConnDOT units, but it’s great to see the old 1980s logo and lettering in use again.

Now the question is: what will the other 4 look like? Someone commenting on the IG post said the plan is to do a NYC and a PC wrap. Which leaves 2 unknown choices. Conrail and the original as-delivered gray and blue livery come to mind.

(Perhaps the future Siemens chargers will get similar wrapping for the 50th anniversary? :wink: )
  by Jeff Smith
https://new.mta.info/press-release/metr ... d-rebrands
As Metro-North Railroad Continues to Break Pandemic-Era Ridership Records, Railroad Rebrands a Series of Diesel Locomotives to Celebrate 40 Years of Public Service

As Metro-North Railroad continues to set post-pandemic ridership records, the railroad is rebranding up to five locomotives with special colors and designs as a Heritage Series to highlight the railroad’s 40 years of service to the public.

Skilled craft workers at Metro-North’s North White Plains Shop applied a vinyl wrap to Metro-North’s locomotive No. 208, the first locomotive to be rebranded. The colors of silver, blue and red pay homage to Metro-North’s original design created upon the railroad’s founding in 1983 for the railroad’s historic FL9 locomotives and worn by them until the last was retired in April 2007.

Additional locomotives will be wrapped in the heritage liveries that were worn by predecessor railroads. All will remain in service for the foreseeable future.

Metro-North’s locomotive No. 208. It is one of 31 P32ACDM models the railroad uses to provide service on the northern Hudson and Harlem Lines and the New Haven Line’s Danbury and Waterbury Branches.

Last week, Metro-North set pandemic-era ridership records last week in three categories: Average Weekday; Average Tuesday-Thursday; and Average Weekend. For the first time since March 2020 the railroad carried over 200,000 three consecutive days on May 9-11, recording a pandemic-era high on May 9 with 205,069 riders. On Sunday, May 14, Metro-North carried 101,089 people, marking the first time since pre-COVID that Sunday ridership has exceeded 100,000.

On Friday, May 12, Metro-North carried a record 4,933 baseball fans to watch the Yankees defeat the Tampa Bay Rays 6-5, or 10.7% of the stadium attendance. It was the highest game-day ridership this season, and the highest percentage of Yankee Stadium attendance since the American League Championship Game on Oct. 8, 2017, when the Yankees defeated the Houston Astros 6-4 and Metro-North carried 11.0% of the 48,804 fans in attendance.
  by Jeff Smith
  by NaugyRR
I actually like that more than the Platinum G-String and Executive schemes

I bet dollars to donuts they do an NYC scheme a-la FL9s 2012 and 2013
  by Johnooo
Looks like 201 will be next, sitting in NW.
  by NH2060
Johnooo wrote:Looks like 201 will be next, sitting in NW.
Something tells me that will be wrapped in the original scheme since it’s the first loco # in the series.
  by NaugyRR
Metro-North has revealed their second heritage P32, this time in Conrail blue and yellow as worn previously by the FL9
https://www.trains.com/trn/news-reviews ... g-conrail/
  by JBKingEsq
You know you're getting old when...your worked for a company now celebrated as "Heritage".
  by L'mont
Looks great in Conrail livery! I'm enjoying the wraps a lot so far. NYC has to be the final one. What's next? All black with the PennCentral logo?

Also...what's the lifespan of the wrap? Will these remain in these heritage liveries until the Chargers?
  by Jeff Smith
I haven't seen anything regarding an expiration date.
  by NH2060
The press release for either the 208 or 201 wraps stated that they will be used for the foreseeable future which can definitely be read into as “until the units’ retirement/scrapping”. The first Chargers are due in 2027 so that gives them a good at least 4-5 years.

NJT’s heritage unit program started 4 years ago and their first heritage units still have their wrapping. Not to mention Geep #4101 joined in about a year ago featuring the NJDOT livery.
  by Acela82
I´m not sure wether this is the right forum but i couldn´t resist painting an HO scale version of 201... I know, its a P40 and no a P32ACDM but its a nice stand-in i think...
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