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  by rogerfarnworth
The second post in the series about the coastal line out of Toulon shows the competition it faced from other forms of transport and then focusses on the two main railway stations in Toulon ... first the PLM Station (SNCF now) and then the terminus of Le Chemin de Fer du Sud, the line that we will concentrate on in this series of posts.

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  by rogerfarnworth
This is the next post in a series about the Chemins de Fer du Sud de la France's Coastal line between Toulon and Saint-Raphael. This post focusses on the PLM line which both competed for passenger traffic with Le Macaron between Toulon and Hyeres but also provided an essential link into the national network through the exchange sidings at Hyeres.

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  by rogerfarnworth
This next post takes us back to La Londes and allows us to discover the various branch-lines which left the main line here. These branch-_lines served mining interests and a torpedo factory and provided significant amounts of good traffic for the line.

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  by rogerfarnworth
Leaving the main-line at La Foux was a short branch-line to Cogolin a little further inland.

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This next post covers the other brach-line which left the main Line at La Foux. The line to Saint-Tropez.

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  by rogerfarnworth
And now the last length of Le Macaron. The distance from Sainte-Maxime to Saint-Raphael.

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There will be one further post in this particular series which will cover the locomotives and rolling stock on the line.
  by rogerfarnworth
In November 2018 my wife and I stayed in St. Raphael for 10 days. On a couple of those days, Jo and I were able to visit the old Chemin de Fer du Sud de La France station site alongside the old PLM station. The modern SNCF station seems to me to be just as ugly as I thought it would be. The site of the old metre-gauge station is now covered by the Gare Routiere. The structures which supported the old line alongside the main PLM line remain and are now in use by small retail outlets.

As far as we could tell the details given in the original version of the post below are all correct.

I have just added a postcript and some photos.

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  by rogerfarnworth
On Sunday 18th November, Jo and I travelled from St. Raphael via the Sunday Market in Le Muy to Hyeres. We enjoyed an hour or so on the spit of land extending out from Hyeres towards Iles d'Hyeres and we had lunch next to La Tour Fondue. We spent the rest of the day following Le Macaron from Hyeres to Sainte-Maxime. Nothing I saw on the journey caused me concern about the text of the series of blog posts I have written about the route and that I have already provided links to on this thread. I was able to take a few pictures while on the journey, although there was little time to stop if the full journey was to be completed in daylight! I will post a link to the photographs in due course. On the journey we were also able to make two detours. The first, to Les Bormettes and the site of the old torpedo factory at what is now known as Miramar. The second to St. Tropez.

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