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  by Illinifan
On the UP, car 6019 has a Harris Bank ad. It was on the front of six-car set. That is the only car on the UP that I have seen with the ad thus far.
  by Illinifan
Car 6034 (UP lines) now has a United Airlines advertisement on it (as of 11/6/10). The Harris Bank ads have been removed from cars 6019 (UP)and 6194 (Milwaukee District).
  by Gilbert B Norman

Take a peek at Bid# 405717; then ask yourself could this happen on METRA?

I learned of this proposal from a WBBM 780 report.
  by doepack
Audio advertising announcements? Gosh, I hope not. If they go that route, they better add more quiet cars...
  by byte
Pace already had/has some buses running around with advertiser-supported TVs in them. Never rode one but I imagine I wouldn't care for anything like that on a regular commute.
  by F40CFan
Just when you thought it was safe to have a few minutes free of commercials during your commute....