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  by doepack
metraRI wrote:Last week was the 4th week for 8527, and still no sign of this car on RID... has the car remained on UP?
Saw it again on UP/W early last week (on #47 I think). It could still be on UP, not sure if it's been rotated off or not...
  by doepack
Just got word off the Illini Rail Yahoo group that the wrapped presidents car is now on the Rock, and was last seen on today's (3/16) inbound train 514. Car is the first one behind METX409...
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  by F40CFan
I just saw it around 3pm today (03/16) on a Rock outbound.
  by metraRI
I was hoping that the train 'around 3pm' was #405, the first outbound express to Joliet, however the car is not on a set stored in Joliet... hmmmmf.
  by F40CFan
I don't know what to tell you. I was running north on Clark towards Roosevelt as it passed me. I can only guesstimate that it was close to 3pm, although it might have been earlier, like 2:40-ish.
  by metraRI
The car was finally found on RI, train #207 had the car, one back from the loco. This is a change from what was previously reported. It now appears the train will run on weekday train #'s 408/411.. for however long it will remain on RI.
  by buddah
Hello fellow Metra fans...

Here's something I saw that seemed quite interesting as its the first time Ive seen a Metra stainless steel cab wrapped before... and no even thought were in the city of Twista, Do or Die, and R,Kelly I don't mean rap............... but Wrapped ! As my uncle is a senior graphic installer (Wrapper) for Modagraphics I learned the trade long ago at the age of 19 and I can say honestly that doing a railroad car of that size and being corrugated is a nightmare. However As I said this is the only one Ive ever seen on a Metra Cab. Has there been others ? cabs or coaches? any pics ? thanks and good day to all................

Here's the link to the Wrapped Cab Car....
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected] ... 2/sizes/l/
http://www.flickr.com/photos/m_lastovic ... 299186002/

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  by doepack
buddah wrote: However As I said this is the only one Ive ever seen on a Metra Cab. Has there been others ? cabs or coaches? any pics ? thanks and good day to all
To my knowledge, car 8527 has been the only one so far to receive the "ad wrap" treatment. Metra has said more may be done in the future if the current one proves to be a hit with the bean counters...
  by MetraBNSF
Friday 3/27/09 on BNSF, Fairview Ave/Downers Grove:



  by MetraBNSF
It appears that 8527 is no longer on BNSF. The pictures I took were from a week ago today. There is also some video of 8527 on the line.
  by Illinifan
As of April 9th, the 8527 is back on the Milwaukee District, but the advertisement has been removed.
  by MetraPace
This morning in UP's California Ave. coach yard there was a 6000 series car with a full ad wrap for Supercuts. I couldn't get the number because half of the car was obscured by another car.

  by EricL
Dunno about 6000 series, but #8579 was in CUS this mornin,g with BN 1303's train, and had a Supercuts wrap.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Since the CTA cars have been desecrated with shrink wrap ads, and METRA is as "broke" as the CTA, it was inevitable.

Observed the Cab Car on P131130 with its new shrink wrap livery advertising Great Cuts - a chain of women's hair salons.

The EL is now in The Land of the Burlingtons.