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  by John_Perkowski
Link at Trains.com: Metra opposes CP-KCS merger in regulatory filing, By David Lassen; March 17, 2022

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“Chicago-area commuter rail operator Metra has come out against the Canadian Pacific-Kansas City Southern merger, telling the Surface Transportation board in a 946-page filing that the merger would bring delays, prevent expansion of service, raise safety issues, and increase Metra’s infrastructure costs.”

“While the filing says the merger is “inconsistent with the public interest and cannot be approved,” it also lays out seven conditions the STB should require if the deal is approved, including transfer of dispatching on the lines in question to Metra control, 10 years of STB oversight of dispatching if that transfer is not made,” and an extensive list of infrastructure projects.”
  by doepack
According to a map with projected train counts after the merger (think I saw this at Trains, don't remember) the number of trains on the Chicago Sub will increase to about 11 or so, if I recall. Right now it's... what, 3 or 4?

Infrastructure improvements on this line in recent years include new and/or upgraded crossovers at B17 and Roselle West. And a second track was added over the Fox River bridge.

Spaulding, where this line crosses CN's (ex-EJ&E) Leithton sub smack dab between Bartlett and Elgin, is still a manual interlocking controlled remotely from B17 tower and the only real remaining bottleneck.

With the other improvements factored in, a modest increase in "freight train interference" delays matching a modest increase of 7 or 8 trains isn't going to destroy service. These and related delays will be on par with other routes like BNSF. or MDN, for a more appropriate comparison.

Trust me, it's not gonna be as bad as UP-W.

I really don't understand what Metra's gripe is.
  by eolesen
If they don't complain, CP can't offer them a carrot...

UP-W and BNSF can handle their volume thanks to the triple tracking. There's room for a third track on a good chunk of the Elgin-Bensenville segment, but with fleeting and overnight operations, adding 8 trains shouldn't be an issue.

Even with the increased traffic from CP, it seems like Spaulding will still see more traffic on the CN side of things.