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  by MetraF40C607
I was once asked by a very oblivious lady in Wheaton,"What are you doing, playing movie director?" Too which I simply answered,"No. I'm doing more important things with my time."

  by Scotty Burkhardt
Yesterday I was stopped in the loop by a Metra officer who got a call that somebody in the area (according to her...me) was taking photos. I informed her that it is not illegal to take photographs as long as it is in a public setting and that her story is a little flawed as the closest train (aside from the EL) is 3 blocks west. There is also the problem of me not having a camera at the time.

Correct me if I am wrong, Something about this story doesn't seem quite right. It also seems odd that the one time I wasn't out photographing, is the one time I get pestered.

Ironic really, We go after other countries for limiting "freedom". But "freedom" is being limited here.