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  by Tadman
Get your photos from roosevelt road as soon as you can. This:
is going to be on the other side of the track from Target just north of Roosevelt Road. Although it looks like RI trains will be in a cut rather than a tunnel, the view won't be the same. Also, I wonder if there's plans for Metra to build a small connecting station - sort of a "Van Buren" for the RI...

  by D1054
The link will not open for me as its asking for a pass word???

Is any thing going to happen before my visit in Augest?

Many thanks, (from a very wet UK) Mike

  by Tadman
Mike, it seems to be working for me - try cut/paste method.

Anything you want to run by us before your visit? Myself and about ten other people here can tell you just about anything there is to know about Chicago railroading between the group of us. I don't think any dirt will be move before then, but I could be wrong. Also, it might be of consolation that if the whole place is built soon, I won't be too upset - I think there's a more interesting show in either direction on Roosevelt - five minutes west is the approach to Union Station, meaning Metra, Amtrak, and freight. Ten minutes east is the electric lines, meaning Metra Electric district and South Shore trains to Indiana, all under 1.5kv catenary.

  by JamesT4
It's working for me also.

It look like the tracks will be moved to the east, to make way for the Hi-rise that they are proposing to build where the current RID tracks are located next to Target.

  by D1054

I am sure I will have a few questions befor my visit and glad of the offer of help,

I think I am a little confused can you please confirm if you are saying the location to see the approach to Union St is still on Roosevlt Bridge.

I was thinking this bulding works was on the Union St approach

I can see from my map that this bridge looks a little big, (most of my local bridges span 2 tracks)

Thanks Mike

  by MikeF
The proposed development will not affect the tracks entering Union Station, but rather the tracks entering La Salle Street Station, which are about a block and a half east of the ones into Union Station.

  by F40CFan
D1054 wrote: I can see from my map that this bridge looks a little big, (most of my local bridges span 2 tracks)
The bridge is quite long (its actually a combination of bridge and enbankment). It spans the aproach to LaSalle St. Station, the Chicago River, the Amtrak yard and the aproach to Union Station.

  by Tadman
Mike from UK - here's a simple map that might help your understanding of the Chicago rail system

  by D1054

Should there be a link to a map or am I missing some thing ?

I think I understand whats what now regarding both the bridge & locations

Must say it looks like one big bridge !!!!!!!

many thanks for the help from both you & the others

  by Tadman
Yeah if you click on the map, it takes you to a bigger one. Roosevelt road has a bridge from the intersection with Canal Street east over the approach tracks to CUS, then the river, then the approach tracks to LaSalle. The street also crosses the land where the approach tracks to Grand Central station (Baltimore & Ohio property) once were. Roosevelt road then runs at ground level under the Orange/Green CTA lines, and then bridges the Electric district tracks, occupying the same footprint where Central Station (Illinois Central property) once was.

Digression - I just noticed yesterday in an old photo that Roosevelot didn't use to cross the IC, as it would've run right thru Central station.