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  by lstone19
Very interesting incident on the MD-W west of Roselle this morning. The line is currently shut down west of Roselle. Without speculating as to how this happened, this morning's 2220, which originates just west of the Roselle West crossovers (flipping from a deadhead from Chicago), had the first 4-1/2 cars cross over from track 1 to 2 as normal while the rear truck of the 5th car plus the entire 6th car and locomotive stayed on track 1. I did not see anything on the ground (could get to the fence on the north side of the track between the interlocking signals) but that 5th car is perfectly strung across both tracks. I could not see any damage but it would not surprise me if there is damage to the car ends or trucks as things might have touched given the odd orientation (even a 10mph crossover does not offset the two trucks anything close to the offset the trucks on that car have where it's sitting). Preliminarily, kudos to the crew for realizing what was happening and getting the train stopped before serious damage resulted (although the odd orientation might also have caused air hoses to pull apart which of course would have stopped them).