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  by AMTK84
is a current list of locomotive assignments for Metra, as of 9/3/04:

METX100-101: MILW, NCS
METX102-104: RI
METX105-112: MILW, NCS
METX114-115: MILW, NCS
METX116-119: HC, SWS
METX120-124: MILW, NCS
METX125-180: UP
METX181-184: BNSF, HC, SWS
METX185-201: BNSF
METX202-210: Rock Island
METX212-214: RI
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  by metraRI
And to complete the list, here are the MP36 assignments. :-D

401: RI
402-407: BNSF
408: RI
409: In Boise?
410: RI
411: In Boise?
412: RI
413-427: MILW

  by AMTK84
For the fun of it, hears what I want for loco assignments:

METX121-138 UP
METX140-146: UP
METX147: MILW West
METX148-173: UP
METX174-175: MILW
METX176-180: UP
METX181-184: HC, SWS
METX185-200: BNSF
METX201-210: RI
METX212-214: RI

Hears where this gets fun:

METX401-404: SWS Expanded Service
METX405-409: BNSF
METX410-411: RI
METX412-427: MILW, NCS Expanded Service

Hears how this would work:

BNSF only runs 1 dubbleheader, 201 goes to RI in place of 412, 412 goes to MILW. Another way would be to send 201 to RI for 212, send it over to Milwaukee therefor giving RI the MP36 and NCS the lower fuel tank units.

  by AmtrakFan
Thank You for sharing the Latest Locomotive Assingements MP46 416 and MetraRI.


  by metraRI
MP36 416 wrote:BNSF only runs 1 doubleheader, 201 goes to RI in place of 412, 412 goes to MILW.
Don't forget 412 & 413 came to RI in October after the derailment of 411 & 409. 413 went back to MILW last month so 412 shouldn't be too far behind. When 409 & 411 come back from Boise, they will probably be assigned back on RI. With 202 on RI and 412 going back to MILW, both RI and MILW will have gained one locomotive.

  by byte
Does anyone know whether the 409 and 411 have been sent back to Boise yet, or are they still on Metra property awaiting the investigation to conclude on the wreck they were involved in? (I know the estimate on when the investigation was going to be finished was a fairly long time)

  by AMTK84
409 and 411 are at Boise.

  by Scotty Burkhardt
how/when did 409-411 get to idaho? any pics of the return?

  by Scotty Burkhardt
im bummed that the rock is losing all of its f40-ph's, my prediction is that because it got 202 and the mp36's, 100-104 will be used on milwalkee and whatever. this really sucks because the only f40-ph's we'll see is on saturdays. it was nice that i could go just a few miles to blue island and see the f40-ph's express, ive never been a fan of the mp36's and we can all agree the phm's just suck in general.

  by AMTK84

Because UP got METX126 we got METX101...Its possible RI might keep METX151 but unlikely. I'll gladly give up some of our F40PH's (Take 120-121) and trade those for 139 and 147.

Yes I do like the F40PH's and F40PH-2's, mainly becausee I get close-ups at stations a lot. But, I have nothing against the F40PHM-2's. Don't take that the wrong way; I understand that we all have different views on things like this. Now when it comes to the MP36's...Well I see those so much I'm not gonna start to even think about those!
  by MetraBNSF
408 ran on BNSF today on a late express. The MP36s on BNSF that ran today were 402, 404, 405, 406 (double headed with 184), 407, and 408. Any explanation why 408 is on BNSF?

  by metraRI
The only reason I can think of that would make sense is that 403 had problems and was sent over to RI, and RI sent over 408 for an even trade. :wink:

MP36's on RI have been hard to find in the last 2 weeks. Of the 8 trains that laid over in Joliet Friday, 410 & 412 double headed were the only MP36's. The Friday before that, only 410 was in Joliet. Hopefully 401 found its way back to RI after the weekend convention.

  by AMTK84
I'll hopefully get a recording of 408...What was wrong with 403? I saw it last week on BNSF.

  by metraRI
I don't know if anything is wrong with 403. It was only a guess of why 408 ran on BNSF yesterday and 403 didn't. I would think 408 being on BNSF is only temporary.

  by AMTK84
Well, I'll be going out to Naperville tomorrow night so I'll hopefully get 408 while it's still there.
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