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  by MetraBNSF
408 ran again tonight on BNSF and it was on train 1277 which is a Naperville express. The only MP36 I didn't see was 404. Right now, the underbodies of the F40PHM-2s are being repainted, so maybe RI sent over 408 while some of BNSF's winnebagoes are being worked on. I do remember 408 running on BNSF for about a week roughly 2-3 months ago.

  by AMTK84
If you ask me, they should work on some other parts of th Winnebagos: There squealing horns and replace there cooling fans. How long would an underbody repaint job take?

  by metraRI
I wonder why 402-407 don't all run on the same day. Any clue where 403 was yesterday and 404 was today? The last time I saw 408 on RI was on 9/10. I'm not sure if they would need another extra locomotive because of the underbody paint jobs. Right now a few locomotives are off thier regular lines. 100 & 101 are on MILW and 151 is on RI.

  by MetraBNSF
I agree, the horns on the Winnebagoes are downright annoying! And, some of the units have mismatched numberboards. 187, 192, and 193 all come to mind.

  by AMTK84
The worst horn is on 196, 200 and 201 aren't following that far behind, 198 is next along with 197, followed by 191, 187 and 193, 185 is all rite along with 194, 192, and 186. 199's is downrite loud along with 190, 195 has a bit of a squeal to it but 188 is another picture-perfect screamer horn. Look out when 188's comin...She's got a high RPM, fast, and a screaming 5-chime horn!

Hears 188 at Mcclure Road:

  by Scotty Burkhardt
what train is 151(?) running on? i was told that its been on the rock lately. ive noticed that there seems to be a shortage of engines on the rock. 401 is MIA, 409-411 are on a potato farm, and 100-101 are on the milw. neither joliet or beverly have seen a double header in almost a week. why doesnt bnsf share a few?

  by metraRI
Only 100 & 101 have been taken off RI, while RI has gotten 5 MP36's....or is supposed to. So RI is not really short of locos right now, however 102 ran an express train to Joliet earlier this week, which is kind of odd. Besides the MP36's, 202 should also be somewhere on RI. I have not seen it run to Joilet in over a month though. Train #411 is RI's double header, last Friday 410 & 412 were on that train. 151 with a F40PHM-2 have been running on the 6:15 train out LaSalle, don't know if it's still on that train.
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  by AMTK84
151 is now on UP, trailing 161 on train 55.;

  by metraRI
401 has now been seen running on BNSF. 102 & 103 have also been reported on MILW. If all that is true, did RI get 407 & 408 back?

  by MetraBNSF
It appears that 401 will be staying on BNSF for good. 401 is double headed with 184 and is on trains 1249 and 1283. 402-406 all ran today and I didn't see 407 and 408. With the exception of 409 and 411 which are in Boise, the MP36 fleet looks to be pretty much set.
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  by AMTK84
Givven that MILW got 102 and 103, it is reported we gave up 413, and BNSF gave up 407 and 408. That should give RI back some MP36's and make up for there F40PH's. O yeah trade me 102 for a Winnebago with a good horn!

  by c604.
The newly rebuilt, spiffy looking, hard pulling 151 was on the UP northwest line today. One neat thing is it has an RTA logo near the rear of its sides just like the winnies do but retains its other RTA logos near the nose as well.

  by AMTK84
Another thing that you might want to note is that 151's bell is kinda on the fast side.


  by metra 613
Hello i see 413 on Train # 2155 last night on the milw north line
  by metraRI
metra 613 wrote:Hello, I saw 413 on Train #2155 last night on the MILW-North Line
I didn't think 413 would have come back to RI. 412 should be going back to MILW, but with Metra moving RI's F40's, I think it will probably stay on RI until 409 or 411 comes back.
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