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  by PRRGuy
On this friday for a few hours Metra will be using tracks 8 and 9 in the NICTD area of the station because Metra will be closing two of their tracks downstairs to show off 2 new cars. I'll be working there in the morning so feel free to stop by.

  by MetraRy
sweet! i was thinking of heading down there this friday. Are the cars open to the public or just the media?

  by PRRGuy
I don't really know all that much other then they're going to be on track 3 or 4 and metra will be running out of the nicts terminal on tracks 8 and 9 for about 3 hours. I believe the time is from 11-2. I'm guessing that they won't be open to the public, but I also plan to try and get a few pictures.

On another note, word has it that metra plans to run the new cars into every nictd platform track on sunday to test clearance etc. No idea on the time though.

  by dinwitty
take pics and post them up here!

  by MetraRy
metrary seconds dinwitty's post.

  by MikeF
Moderator Mike sez: Let's take this to the Metra forum. The thread (with pictures) is here:

  by JLJ061
Wow, reminds me of one time NICTD was doing trackwork on its terminal, so all trains used Metra's terminal.

  by PRRGuy
Tomorrow, Sunday March 5th Metra Electric Trains will be operating out of the NICTD portion of the depot. Tracks 8, 9 and 10 will be used by metra from 8am to 5pm. Metra wire crews will be working in the " pit" where metra's platforms are.

Now, I think this may be a good time to try and get a shot of the old and new cars for metra next to the NICTD cars.