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  by Joe
Flags of Our Fathers it is called.

I don't think they'd make the November 11th opening of "Derailed" if they were still filming this weekend. :wink:

  by doepack
Looks like this train's appearance in the movie is done. BN-1 and CB&Q 9911A with some vintage heavyweight passenger cars in tow were being led by a UPY switcher (couldn't get the road #) westbound through Wheaton at approx. 2030 hrs. Headed toward the Belvidere sub on their way back home to the IRM...


  by Scotty Burkhardt
Any photos of it?

  by doepack
It snuck up on me while I was eating dinner last night, and with so much freight traffic blasting through here every day, special moves like this can be easy to miss. By the time I realized what train it was, it was too late (and too dark) already. Better luck next time, I guess...

  by byte
Just dug this up: http://www.belleville.com/mld/bellevill ... 136312.htm. Metra's now apologizing for their involvement in "Derailed" due to the recent and fatal Rock Island derailment.

  by AmtrakFan
Scotty Burkhardt wrote:Any photos of it?
Yes I get the shots delvoped.