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  by bones
Remove the computer and the engine will run just fine. They didn't learn thier lesson with the 400's.
  by metraRI
There appeared to be a -3 at 14th Street this morning, no idea what number..
  by GWoodle
F40CFan wrote:
doepack wrote:I didn't know Walmart was in the loco rebuild business. Next thing you know, Target will be rehabbing the Pullmans, and new cars for MED will be provided by Costco.... :-D
And they'll all purchase the tools and parts at Menard's.
Since Caterpillar bought Progress Rail and now EMD maybe next time they will come back in Yellow paint. Picture a unit with UP yellow with a black roof & a red stripe. Plenty of room to put Caterpillar on the side.
  by metraRI
115 appears to be the first rebuild to come to the SWS pool. Trailing 125 today. This is definitely a surprise move, as I don't believe the unit was tested on MD as all that came before it.
  by metraRI
115 has not been on SWS for the past two days.. possible it may be running on BNSF. With 105 on the way back to Chicago, it will be interesting to see if it goes right to BNSF like 115 did.
  by AMTKHawkeye
As I was leaving work today (I work for Amtrak), Metra switcher no. 6 passed right next to me on a run-through track at CUS, towing behind a sparkling Metra 105, along with F40PHM #211 and three bilevels. They were headed southbound, presumably to the BNSF coach yard. (Two of the three bilevels were 700-series CB&Q-ordered cars).
  by metraRI
211 made its way to 47th street on RI. No sign of 105 there.. so best bet it went to BNSF at 14th.
  by bones
At 4PM 105 was on track 1B facing east at 14th St. At 9PM it was facing west outside the shop.
  by bones
105 took it's first trip (solo) on train #825 last night.
  by c604.
115 was on the BN this evening MU'ed with an MP on what was either a Hinsdale, DG, or Naperville express.
  by MetraBNSF
c604. wrote:115 was on the BN this evening MU'ed with an MP on what was either a Hinsdale, DG, or Naperville express.
It was 405 on a DG express.
  by metraRI
After getting a closer look at 105 this morning... it appears the folks at Progress forgot at least one builders plate. There is a gap in the fireman side white stripe where it would go but no plate is present. Not sure if the plate was put on the engineers side.
  by vxla
Is METX 100 still considered a F40PH or is it listed as a F40PH-2 after rebuild?
  by c604.
Its all the way up to a -3 now :-)
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