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  by larry84988
Hey group, I was browsing through Flickr and I found this picture of a Metra F40C in Joliet on the Rock Island District. Does anyone have any idea as to why this unit was running on the Rock? I have always been under the impression that the Rock had a certain type of cab signaling back then which would have prevented the F40C's from running the line. Here is the photo, credit goes to the photographer. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected] ... hotostream
  by Tadman
Nice find. Must be some kind of special move, as you'll notice the engine is pointed inboud as well. Usually the engine is pointed outbound. Could be a pinch hit or business train (Metra occasionally runs a business train using standard equipment).

As for cab signals, I thought I heard all Metra units are equipped for RI and CNW styles of cab signal, and there's a selector switch to activate the right one. Don't take that for gospel, though, as it's a foggy recollection.
  by CHTT1
According to the photo caption, that train is in the Blue Island coach yard. But it is an interesting catch, since I've never know of an 40C to be used anywhere but on the Milwaukee District. The locomotive is on the "wrong" end, so that makes its use even more intriguing.
  by F40CFan
It must be a special move. Because the F40Cs were purchased by a pre-RTA agency for the Milwaukee Road, they were not allowed to operate anywhere else in revenue service. Unless that changed in later years.