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  by Tom6921
Where is the yard where 611 and 614 are stored? Can it be reached easily by CTA? And how visible are 611 and 614?
  by lstone19
Tom6921 wrote:Where is the yard where 611 and 614 are stored? Can it be reached easily by CTA? And how visible are 611 and 614?
The only way to get a good look at them is on-board any Metra or Amtrak train that goes by the Metra Western Ave. yard (Metra Milwaukee-West and North, North Central, and Amtrak Hiawathas and Empire Builder). They're towards the west end of the yard on the track closest to main track 1 (normal westbound track). Visible out the north side of any passing train unless you have the bad luck of having another road train between you and them as you pass.

Any street visibility of them will be from a distance and probably somewhat obscured.
  by MetraMDW211
Yes unfortunately from a metra train it is a very quick view as you pass them. The yard is very easily accessible by Cta. Take the grand ave bus number 65 and get off at California. I am not sure how good like he said your view from the street will be.
  by Metraf40cfan
Any one know if 611 has come out of the shop? Last I heard was they were using it for parts for 215.
  by F40CFan
Its been out for a while, parked between 614 and 414.
  by lstone19
611 was only in the shop for about a day. Since then, it's been back out on the storage track along with 7, 614, and 414.
  by F40CFan
And 158 which used to be stored with them is back in service on the North Western.
  by MetraMDW211
For the past couple of years metra has brought 611 down to CUS for amtraks National Train Days. So who knows what if anything they will bring this year.
  by Tom6921
Isn't IRM supposed to be getting one of the F40Cs when Metra finally retired them once and for all?
  by Metraf40cfan
Anyone seen 611/614 lately. Did 611 get its radiators replaced since they were pulled for another unit? This feed has been real quite. Anyone heard what Metra plans to do with 611 and 614 once they are ready to retire perminately?
  by lstone19
Metraf40cfan wrote:Anyone seen 611/614 lately. ?
Twice a day. They continue to sit on the "dead line" at Western Ave.
  by Tadman
Sounds cool. Perhaps a MILW heritage paint job? Also, curious as to what's getting dropped into the engine bay. A 710-ECO or a some new CAT block?
  by Milwaukee_F40C
This project funds the purchase of approximately 25 new advance design diesel passenger locomotives built to Tier III EPA specifications. These locomotives will replace 25 of Metra’s oldest locomotives which would need to undergo a second life extending rehabilitation which would include bringing them up to Tier III. It is more cost effective to purchase new locomotives.
Doesn't seem to make sense with...

They are going to butcher the F40Cs even more. I would rather see them go to a museum in their current condition, or even one go to the museum while the other gets scrapped. If it is cost effective to buy new locomotives, then Metra should just do that.
  by doepack
Tadman wrote:Perhaps a MILW heritage paint job?
Wouldn't mind seeing them restored to their original colors (and road numbers 51 and 54). But we can dream together...
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