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  by c604.
Just a quick note: The user "Victor" mentioned on here a while back that shop forces were following EMD maintenance instructions for long term storage with the F40C's. For those of you who haven't seen those instructions, that process is extremely detailed and thorough - the purpose of those instructions is to preserve and protect the vital components of the locomotive against deterioration while sitting stored. That being said, that type of work wouldn't be done to store the F40C's for just a month or so. But....that type of work also wouldn't be done if there wasn't any sort of intention of possibly ever using them again down the road. Before that sets off any rumours, keep in mind the word "possibly", not "definitely." And also keep in mind that the preservation of their internals could have other benefits (using/selling their parts, selling the locos to another owner, etc.), not just returning the locomotives to Metra service. But in either case, it doesn’t sound like they're being left to rot for the time being.
  by EJ&ESDM809
No, Metra has not sent anything out for rebuild yet, and probably won't until some point next year. I'm still willing to bet Metra may be forced to bring the F40Cs out again, them sending the F40PHM-2s out while have a big effect on the BNSF and Rock Island, and the project with the MP36s will have a big effect on the MD lines, and again depending on what units they send out, possibly the Rock Island district again. That's probably why the F40Cs are being kept up, because they may very well have to come back into service again at some point next year once these rebuild projects begin.
  by Tadman
Can someone remind me why the MP36 are going out for rebuild so soon? Just curious.
  by Backshophoss
Most likely to install seperate HEP motor instead of current prime mover driven HEP.
  by metraRI
Tadman wrote:Can someone remind me why the MP36 are going out for rebuild so soon? Just curious.
The MP36's are not being rebuilt, just having the HEP modified as mentioned above.. at least 17 of them are.
This project will modify twelve locomotives by replacing the main engine driven generator-inverter combination that provides hotel power for the train consist with a separate engine/generator set for hotel power on twelve of Metra's Model MP36 passenger locomotives currently assigned to service on the RID and MWD railroad lines. This will save fuel and reduce emissions.
The same is being done on the 5 BNSF MP36's.
  by Tadman
Sounds like a great idea. Given that oil wasn't exactly cheap when the MP's were ordered, I'm not sure why they didn't specify said separate HEP motor originally. The crankshaft-driven HEP generator is from a time when oil was cheap.

Does the F40C have a separate HEP motor?
  by F40CFan
Tadman wrote:Does the F40C have a separate HEP motor?
No, and neither does the F40PH. The static inverter HEP on the MP's is designed to run at a lower speed (Run 3 equivalent on the throttle), whereas on the F40Cs and F40PHs, the HEP has to run at Run 8.

Perhaps they should rebuild the MPs into something that resembles a reliable locomotive.
  by Tadman
Ah, thanks. I knew most of the fleet was shaft-driven (IE screamers), just wasn't sure about the C's.

So here's the next question - given that the MP's have the inverter setup that allows run-3 rather than run-8 while under HEP load, why weren't the screamers converted first? My guess is literally no space in the engine compartment, but I'm not sure.
  by F40CFan
I've heard that there are issues with the drive shaft on the boom-boxes. I also think they vibrate themselves apart when in Run 3, because they surely shake everything else. Its probably also a good time to seal the generator compartment better also, I'm told they leak like a sieve. The EMD units are just constructed better and don't need the attention except for any fuel savings.
  by Metraf40cfan
Not much action lately. Any one have an update on the 611/614? Last I heard they were slotted for some sort of rebuild then it was said here they are stored.
  by F40CFan
They're still sitting on the storage track at Western Ave. An engineer told me that they wouldn't be running them again. However, we've heard that one before.
  by MetraMDW211
Yes we have heard that before. I also heard some sort of rebuild talk. I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  by F40CFan
611 was moved this evening. 614 was still on the storage track with 405, 414, some flat cars and then 158 coupled behind it. Just heard that 611 was being towed by 6 on the west lead. I wonder what is going on. Seems strange to block 405 and 414 in between 614 and some flat cars.
  by AMTK84
611 is in the shop having its radiator taken out to put in 215. I was curious about this ("Why put an old radiator into a reasonably newly-rebuilt engine?") until I remembered that 611 had a new radiator put in sometime after it returned to service in March 2009.
  by Metraf40cfan
Intersting that they are using 611 and 614 for parts. I thought that Dick Derbone got money to rebuild 611 and 614. Hope Metra is not going to part these old girls out to keep the Progressive Rail rebuilds going. The last of the six axle passenger locomotives.
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