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  by erie910
While watching a video of a run from University Park to Millennium Station, I noted two platform tracks at University Park which merge into one just north of the station. At Richton Park, the next station, there are two tracks, but one appears to enter into a yard just north of the station. There are two tracks at the Matteson station, the next station, but I did not see any interlocking south of the Matteson station. Is operation south of Matteson all on one track? If so, is there a need for a second station track at Matteson? I assume that the trainsets are stored just north of Richton Park, and moved south to University Park in the morning, and north from University Park in the evening.
  by justalurker66
There is a set of crossovers just south of the Matteson station. Both sides of the platform can be used at Matteson and University Park.

The big storage yard is just south of 115th St / Kensington. Richton Park can store a few trains. During midday the yard at 11th St fills up and then empties in the evening.