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  by Tadman
Has the Metra Electric catenary ever been replaced? I notice we're at the age where most major catenary systems are being re-strung (IE South Shore and NEC), while CTA removed the Swift's wire for the same reason. I haven't heard anything about a re-string on Metra. Just curious.
  by doepack
A Metra employee that posts on another list said recently that most of the catenary on MED had last been replaced about 15-20 years ago, in line with what was installed by the IC during the initial electrification in the 1920's. (Tried to copy & paste his comment here, couldn't get it to work for some reason, will try again later). To paraphrase additionally, he also said that substation upgrades to meet the increased power needs of the newer cars is taking top priority these days at MED's engineering dept; as well as construction of several new substations along the line; locations for which are unknown right now...

Best wishes everyone, for a happy and prosperous 2013!
  by justalurker66
MED seems to have cantenary repair on a regular scheduled basis. Over the past couple of years they have closed Randolph St on occasion (using the NICTD platforms) so they could do preventative repair on the wires.

I recall some mention of needing new substations to provide enough power for the new Highliners.