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  by lstone19
An inbound equipment move derailed a little before 3:30pm this afternoon on the curve at Canal St.. I was sitting on the 3:25 holiday express extra when it was announced that the 3:30's equipment had derailed so instead we were the 3:30 (which was already scheduled to make all the 3:25's stops). 3:30's equipment lead truck was up on Canal St. a couple of feet off the centerline so fouling Main 1 leaving Main 3 to handle all traffic between CUS and Western Ave.

After getting clear of the derailment, biggest problem was that the 3:25 had the 10 car with a single F40. That works for its normal 5:17 (express Western Ave. to Schaumburg) but struggles a little with the holiday extra (particularly getting up the hill from Itasca) and a lot when on a regular all stop schedule. Plus while us regular riders of the holiday extra know not all cars open at stations Roselle and east, it was leading to extended dwells in the Franklin Park and east section as those riders (who probably haven't been on the 10-car before) made their way to open cars (10 cars at Mars is not pretty).