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  by MetraBNSF
This weekend, two SWS sets have 8500's trailing. I can't remember the numbers but I think its 8581 and 8598 that are on SWS sets.

  by MetraBNSF
This afternoon over at 14th St.

One SWS set had three 8400's in a row (8475, 8476, and 8469)

One set continues to have an 8500 at the rear, I think its 8598.

  by metraRI
SWS's 7 car Manhattan set has had 3 8400's trailing since Thursday of last week, 179th's 7 car set has had an 8500 for about 2 weeks... which suprises me. 14th Street seems to make consist changes on a daily basis, some 700's have been removed from SWS, however one set with 5 of them still remains.

  by JamesT4
MetraBNSF wrote: One set continues to have an 8500 at the rear, I think its 8598.
Yep it is 8598, because I was just in that car this morning on inbound train 804 when I got on it at Worth.

I think 8598 was on the SWS about one or if not a couple of weeks now.

  by doepack
While 14th St. and Western Ave consistently run many trains with multiple cab-car consists, rarely do trains on the UP lines run with more than one cab, and many of them have the one on the end which is necessary, as the only one in the consist. In fact, the only nine-car set on UP-W that runs with an extra cab is train 47 to Elburn, with an OTC-Wheaton express run. Earlier afternoon trains 48 (5 cars) and 50 (4 cars) make up 47's equipment; this set is also used on evening trains 62 and 71, before returning in the AM as 18. These are the only four trains that use an extra cab on a daily basis on UP-W, otherwise, it's pretty rare. Different operating philosophies at California Ave., or less surplus cabs for UP, I guess...

  by c604.
"rarely do trains on the UP lines run with more than one cab"

What?! You need to get away from that west line, its warping your mind ;-) I don't know much about the west line but on the northwest line quite a few trains have one or more cab cars mid-train, even during non-peak hours.

  by metraRI
One difference with UP and the 8400's is how they were/are assigned. Thier purpose was to replace pullman cabs on UP and I don't think they got many extras, as 8400's were sent to SWS, HC, and NCS also. There are only 79 8400's being used on five lines, compared to 108 8500's being used on the remaining five lines.

  by doepack
c604. wrote:What?! You need to get away from that west line, its warping your mind ;-)
Forgot about the NW line, my bad. Which makes me wonder about extra cabs running on the N line too. But you're right, I do need to get out more! :-)

But anyway, there were 64 of the old Pullman cabs (Metra #'s 8700-8763, ex-CNW 151-200, 251-264), which were replaced one-for-one with the 8400's, with no extras, at least for UP. The original order, as placed in 1990, called for the acquisition of 173 ADA-compliant cars, 75 cabs and 98 trailers to be built by Morrison-Knudsen. Financial and production problems prevented MK from completing the order, and Metra eventually assigned the remainder of the contract to Amerail, under an amended agreement with MK. This arrangement guaranteed the completion of the original contract, and ensured Metra's interests would be protected in case MK went bankrupt. The new agreement also tacked on an extra 4 cab cars at no additional charge to Metra, a concession Amerail made since MK's problems were causing delays in the delivery of the new equipment. Which meant that Metra eventually wound up with even more cabs than it really needed...

It's also interesting to note that in 1993, MK spun off its rail division as part of the company's restructuring, naming it MK Rail. Four years later, MK Rail became a new company, based in Boise, ID. It's new name can be found on the builder's plate of Metra's newest locomotives...

  by tobuadantoq
I saw 8475 at BNSF. I already know that 8598 is running at SWS

  by MetraBNSF
Although 8578-8608 are predominantly assigned to BNSF, they do make their way over to SWS on occasion. Same with the 8400's that are on SWS. 8598 has been on SWS for a month or more now.

  by metraRI
I'm really suprised 8598 has been on SWS as long as it has... not like BNSF to give up an 8500. SWS has a few sets with doubled up 8400's, interesting to note one was removed from 179th Street sometime this morning. The train is positioned in the yard as if it had 8 cars last night, however this afternoon the rear car was missing, not sure what happened with it.

14th Street also seems to like changing around consists, changes are made to SWS almost on a daily basis. 700/800's go on and off SWS on a daily basis. The two 6100's have not moved from thier sets, in fact 14th street added a 6100 to the set with 8598.

  by doepack
Speaking of sets staying together for a long time, there is currently a six-car set on UP that has 6001, 6002, a couple of 7200's (can't remember the exact numbers), with cab 8431. I think this set has been making the rounds on all three lines for about a month now, and it seems to hit UP-W almost every weekend.

Meanwhile, in an earlier post, I noted 8447 and 8449 were still on the Milw/NCS district. Still don't know how those two wound up there...

  by metraRI
8592 was added to the SWS set mentioned above, giving SWS 2 8500's at the current moment. It was interesting to note that on train #841, the crew made flag stops and did not stop at Worth, Palos Heights, or Orland Park 143rd Street due to no passengers exiting the train. The train arrived into 179th Street about 7 minutes ahead of schedule.

  by metraRI
8598's run on SWS finally came to an end today, as it was removed and replaced with 8469. 8592 remains however, still leaving SWS with one 8500.

  by MetraBNSF
SWS is back to having two 8500's again, as 8476 was replaced by 8604.
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