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  by Arborwayfan
Metra may assume that the cyclists will stand with their bikes. You know us cyclists, we're strong and never sit. :-D UTA's Frontrunner bike cars (bike floors, really; the bottom of one car per train IIRC) have a mix of racks and seats so that people can sit near their bikes. They also have the advantage of level boarding on the lower level. It's a good arrangement. A baggage car without seats would not be good for commuter-rail distances. People really should be able to be with their bike for the whole ride, both for security and for speed of boarding and detraining. I would not be surprised to see Metra remodel this car to put in some side-facing seats between the racks or on one side or at one end.
  by F40CFan
I'm sure they left the seats on the upper level. It would be extremely hard to haul a bike up there.
  by justalurker66
NICTD converted half of each car for their bicycle cars. One side of the car for bikes, the other side for the riders.
  by TurningOfTheWheel
A brief quote from the press release linked in the tweet:
To accommodate the additional bicycles, Metra crews removed 24 two-passenger seats on one half of the lower level a Pullman car from the late 1960s. Seats remain on the upper level of that side of the car for customers who wish to sit within view of their bike.
So it's half of the car, and they left the upper gallery seats as one would expect. Seems like a good compromise.
  by eolesen
It's certainly better than blocking the vestibule, and similar to how commuter operators with Bombardier equipment handle things.

Thinking out loud, it would also make for a great bar car option once people realize the bikes aren't really showing up.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Observed, but not the best view (unexpected) BNSF 2009 (23).

In the consist was a carbon steel Gallery car ("smooth side" in fanese) of either CNW or RI heritage.

First, this is my first knowledge that the BNSF assigned cars were compatible with those from the CNW or RI, but what am I to know, however, most to the point is the livery of this car. It appeared Blue with a Teal stripe with a "checkmark" as part of such.

So I guess METRA thinks a "reliverying' of their equipment will help return the business they have lost since "The Beginning" - as that has been plenty.
  by MetraPace
What you saw was one of Metra's new bike cars. I saw it today in Naperville. It is number 7791 making it a former C&NW coach.

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  by Gilbert B Norman
Thanks, Mr. Pace, for reporting on a much better observation than I had on my walk @ W Hinsdale.

I suppose my compatability concern should have been dismissed as unfounded. I've seen enough C&NW trains with mixed consists to have known otherwise.
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