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  by F40CFan
2233(07) had a new liveried St Louis coach coupled behind the MP36 power. The patterns don't match up. Looks really bad. I was too far away to get the numbers.
  by Illinifan
Car 6190 has moved to the UP and car 6187 is now on the Milwaukee District. Both are former BNSF coaches.
  by eolesen
If nothing else, it will accommodate a bunch more standees on those days when there are no seats left...
  by TurningOfTheWheel
It's a good workaround given the limitations of the gallery car design, you have to give them that.
  by F40CFan
Sure seems like a lot of space for just a few bicycles. I would think having the racks diagonal and tilting slightly upwards might make better use of the space.
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