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  by metraRI
Assignments probably change weekly. Keep in mind only 26 new highliners exist, while the old fleet has 130+. The last time I rode MED on a Saturday, a new set was running.
  by buddah
Thanks fellas, I figured this much for the MED however I was hoping someone would have the inside track on there assignments this week similar to the south shores new bi-levels. Im driving in from Kanakakee to the Uni park station. From there Ill be taking MED to 55/56/57st station. More than likely Ill be northbound just after the morning rush but southbound right in the middle of the Metra mad dash/parade out.
  by zimmy6996
Hey all! I'm a former 4:40 MDN rider that changed jobs in 2005 after enjoying the group on the 4:40 for 5 years, only to find there are no more Bar Cars. :(

Do any of the old 4:40ers still get together? Tammi? Angelo?
  by Illinifan
As of the beginning of last month, the following 6000s have moved over from the UP to the Milwaukee District lines: 6078, 6088, 6096, 6141, 6143, 6150, 6159, 6164, 6168, and 6183 (10 cars)

In exchange the UP received cars 7287, 7300, 7301, 7304, 7307, 7319, 7320, 7341, 8239, 8244, 8247, 8259, 8260 (13 cars)
  by metraRI
metra104 wrote:The RI gained #7237 and #8460
I rode in 8460 today and it is the latest 8400 to undergo rebuild, more than likely wont be on RI permanently. To date, 8460 is the highest # 8400 to be rebuilt.
  by byte
Saw something odd today: One of the old Highliners sitting at 47th, with METX 1 nearby (but not coupled). Will see if it's there tomorrow morning.
  by tobuadantoq
Today I saw a one of 2 cars sitting the north of BNSF yard with one car was covered and one was 700s. What are the numbers? It must be they were involved on 6/3 accident at the same spot.
  by byte
I heard something funny today on the train. The automated pre-trip announcements started, in the woman's voice, saying "This is Rock Island District train number XYZ to Blue Island" but then when it got to "making intermediate stops at 35th street/Lou Jones, Gresham, Brainerd..." the man's voice was dubbed in on 35th/Lou Jones, with Gresham, Brainerd, and all the other stations in the woman's voice. I've never heard that before, and it's kinda odd because the same consist has been on that train for months at a time so it's not like the leading cab is going to have older software than it had the day before.
  by AMTK347
8738 is the latest of the ex cnw coaches to resurface in the Metra system. It was sighted on an eight car set behind the locomotive in Waukegan.
  by F40c611fan
Does it still have its cab, or has it met the same fate as many of the ex-Milwaukee coaches? If anybody has pictures, that would be great.
  by Illinifan
The Milwaukee District has received some of UP's 8400 cab cars with the last few weeks. I have spotted 8401, 8403, and 8409 on various MD trains to Elgin and Fox Lake. They were all used as trailers though. On the UP side, I think they may have gotten some of the Milwaukee District's 8500s, but I'm not 100% certain on that.
  by doepack
A couple of 8500s have indeed wandered over to the UP side, spotted cab 8520 in active use on an inbound UP/W train a few days ago. Lately, I've noticed more 8400's in trailer use on the UP side as well, thus necessitating the use of "loaners" from the Milw/NCS district. Possible reasons for the shuffling could include the ongoing 8400 rehab, some older cars needing extra TLC in the form of repairs, or a combination of both...
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