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  by TheGortex
1. Which locomotive was involved in the Fox River Grove accident?

2. Have any Metra locomotives been wrecked in an accident?

3. Which F40C hit and killed the child in Lake Forest a few years back?

  by byte
1. Wasn't a locomotive, it was a cab car (obviously a locomotive was shoving the train, but it wasn't what hit the school bus). The number of which cab car was involved is probably available on the FRA's report of the accident, which is probably online somewhere.

2. Wrecked as in totalled and written off? No. It came close during the first RI wreck when the 409 and 411 recieved some fairly serious damage, but the order wasn't even complete so they sent them back to MPI for any necessary repairs.

3. I think it was one of the two that are left. I think it was pointed out on here some time ago that the one that wasn't involved in some serious incident (which I believe was the one in Lake Forest) would be the best one to preserve, for that reason. Other posters might know more than I do on this, though.

  by CNW5022-A519
Answering Question number three, if this is the accident where kids were placing coins on the tracks, it was not a Metra train that hit the kid but it was a fast freight train that had two SD type locomotives and had auto racks on the point behind the engines, the kids might have confused the kids to thinking it was a scoot.