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  by Metra 47 607
I saw 407 today on the Milwaukee north line train 2138 does anybody know why they put 407 on the milwaukee?

  by MetraF40C607
I believe that is because the 401 got switched over to BNSF. That caused 407 to slide on over to MILW.

  by AMTK84
When METX401 shifted over to BNSF, 407 shifted from BNSF to RI. An idea would be that RI took back an F40PH and gave us an MP36, which we might've been needing more then an F40PH, which has a smaller fuel tank.
Another possabillity is that RI had problems with 407, so they sent it to Milwaukee and we gave up an MP36 to them. This seems unlikely, though, as we need the MP36's more then RI does. But then again we're getting more new cab cars hear, so a third idea is that they're getting ready for SWS expantion.

My guess is that when expanded service does come, we'll be seeing less of the F40PH's on MILW trains; they'll be religating the PH's to NCS, as they don't need the MP36's. Also, I can see RI or BNSF giving up a few more locos to MILW, as you will need replacements for the F40PH's that you now have on NCS trains. The rest of the MP36's will likely go to BNSF, with the F40PH's likely again working SWS jobs (MP36's do not run those trains, eather.) Any extra Winnebagos could possibly go to MILW to run those trains that don't absolutely need MP36's; after all, BNSF has extra Winnies, anyway.

Nobody is right or wrong hear; we'll just have to wate and see what happens. Things could go eather way - but I don't at all think we're done with equipment moving around, I in fact think this is just the start. I'll ask around tomorrow and see what I can find out.

  by MetraF40C607
Well, you're wrong if you don't know what happend. 401 was moved to the BNSF. That is why 407 is gone. I do believe 407 came on over to the MILW.

  by MetraBNSF
When 401 came to BNSF, 407 stayed on BNSF for a while. 401 came over to BNSF in October or November and the last time I recall seeing 407 on BNSF was toward the end of December 2004. RI is supposed to have five MP36s and I'd guess 407 would be one of them.

  by F40CFan
407 was on the MILW-West last night.

  by metraRI
401 actually went to BNSF in September. RI will have 5 MP36's when 411 comes back later this year and with 202, RI will have one additional loco. Just because 407 is off BNSF now, doesn't mean it wont come back. 408 was on BNSF for a bit last year, but has since gone back to RI. Until the additional SWS and NCS service starts in December, Metra has extra locos and can sort of put things where ever they want. Things should be getting back to "normal" later this year.

  by AMTK84
So John, lets see if I've got this strate:

401 went to BNSF in September...407 went to MILW in december, yet there have been no reports of it running trains even durring the 'fairwell" to the F40C's.

  by AMTK84
From a Metra source, hears what really happened:

Units METX422, 424, and 426 are/were (422 is running now) all shopped with broken main shafts; the shaft is between the engineand the HEP generator. They didn't feel comfortable with running the F40C's, so 407 was taken from the ROCK ISLAND line. He spacificly stated that 407 was taken from RI.

  by F40CFan
Now I've heard everything. They've got those pieces of garbage that are falling apart after 2 years and they're not comfortable with running units that have performed almost flawlessly for 30 years???????

Jeez, somebody over there found the cache of good stuff..............

  by metra 613
There not comfortable running 611 or 614 who cares there 30 years old there run hell alot bettern then any of the new one i think mpi gave the metra something to think there so great if there will so good 611 and 614 will nlot have to been needing in the snow metra deosnt know there have something good that wont brake down everday yea the f40cs did die at the end of there life but run your car and dont do anything to it and see whats that going to do with your car metra just didnt want to spend money to keep the cs rolling becasue there think there going to have the best thing on earth but now look the f40cs are the best thing on earth all the mps are good for cabbages and thats about it