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  by Jeff Smith
Didn't see anything recent on Merritt 7 that was on-topic.

http://blog.tstc.org/2011/06/27/apparen ... ood-thing/
According to the Stamford Advocate, as a result of these budget actions the state will be able to now bond for design work on the Merritt 7 Metro-North Station in Norwalk, and the hope is that these actions will also allow the state to upgrade the state’s other existing road, bridge and transit infrastructure into a state of good repair.
Amshack's are better than that!
  by DutchRailnut
Currently Merrit 7 is a private station owned by Merrit 7 office park.
it is a good station but it needs more parking and a PA system, currently waiting passengers are in dark when it comes to train delays.
Merrit 7 is one busiest stations on my morning train.
  by Steamboat Willie
Let me be the second one to confirm strong ridership from Merrit 7. 1874, 1868, 1819... those trains had quite a few people coming or going to Merrit 7.
  by Amtrak7
Merritt is the only Danbury intermediate stop to have reverse-peak ridership, IIRC.
  by Trainer
Do more people get off at Merritt 7 coming down from Danbury, or do they come in from main line service via South Norwalk?
  by DutchRailnut
in morning 1819 mainly picks up, 1833 drops and picks up, 1937 could not tell you but 1941 has about 40 people getting off and 20 getting on
in evening its mainly people from mainline going home but 1844- 1848 and sometimes 1960 have a bunch for danbury.
  by excitebike
40 people getting off and 20 getting on must take forever. Merritt 7 is the only station remaining on the line with low platforms.
  by DutchRailnut
nope two minutes max.
and no on only low level station, you forgot: Beacon falls, Seymore , Naugatuck, Derby , Appelachian trail , Manitou , Breakneck ridge.
  by theozno
Steamboat Willie wrote:Let me be the second one to confirm strong ridership from Merrit 7. 1874, 1868, 1819... those trains had quite a few people coming or going to Merrit 7.
I sometimes cut off the train at Merrit 7 to get to Danbury. I would hate to have to pay to park there. I have seen a few extra sports available at rush hour still.
  by Clean Cab
Like many other CDOT projects, a lot of talk, very little $$$. Merritt 7 is a very busy station despite it's appearance and it certainly can use an upgrade.
  by Jeff Smith
Update: I drove by Merritt 7 the other day, the new station with high-level platforms is very close to done. The road is absolute trash though.
  by Jeff Smith
Nope: https://www.nhregister.com/news/article ... 846140.php
Opening of new train station at Norwalk's Merritt 7 stop delayed until summer, CTDOT says

NORWALK — Due to construction delays, commuters won't be able to enjoy the benefits of the new Merritt 7 train station until this summer, according to the Connecticut Department of Transportation.
Merritt 7 is a stop on the Danbury branch of Metro-North Railroad, the last one before the branch line merges onto the New Haven Line near the South Norwalk train station.

"The completion of the Merritt 7 station project was delayed due to supply chain and resource issues over the last few years," Rouse said. "There were also some unexpected conflicts with underground utilities and drainage systems, which meant continued coordination with utility companies and redesigning parts of the project. We anticipate opening the new station and boarding platform this summer."